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The Coming Week In PopCult

Monday Morning Art will once again be delayed until Tuesday, as we crash head-on into the deadline for the Christmas Episode of Radio Free Charleston.

Also, later today check back for the beginning of our third annual “PopCult Gift Guide.” This year we’re going to hit three cool last-minute gift ideas each day for the next five days.  You can expect cool gifts from the following categories: Books; DVDs; Toys; Food; and Music.  The fun kicks off later this afternoon, right here in PopCult. 

Gotta get back to making video magic, now.

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  1. Elvis Capone

    You should change the name of your blog to POP CLUTCH. Write about cars! Or call it POPE CULT, and cover Catholic issues. Maybe rename it FLOP CLUT, and write about faulty color lookup tables.

    That’s right, walk away. Ignore me. Everyone else does.

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