Our art this week is more of me wallowing in nostalgia.  It’s a digitally-assaulted photograph from the Charleston Playhouse around Christmas time, 1989.   That’s Jay Friedman, one of my brethren in the Charleston Playhouse Quartet on the left, giving me “rabbit ears.”  Karen McGraw, one of the managers of the Playhouse, in the middle looking dazed. On the right, that’s me.  We’re all psychedelicized for your perusal.

This is going to be a busy week in PopCult, with as many as four posts going up later this evening, and lots and lots of stuff to write about in the coming days.  Our gift guide will start tonight, and there’s a big show at the La Belle tomorrow night that I’ll be telling you about this afternoon.  And with any luck, the Christmas episode of Radio Free Charleston will go online tomorrow!

With so much going on, I haven’t had time to update the Monday Morning Art Store with this image yet.  If you really want a shirt with a digitally-assaulted snapshot of me from 18 years ago, it’ll go live over there today or tomorrow.