At the head of this post you see the 124th installment of Radio Free Charleston. “Double Trouble Shirt” is named after a King Kerosin shirt from The Salvage Yard in the Charleston Town Center, and features music from Slate Dump, Electro Biscuit and Red Audio.

We have a double dose of RFC Big Shot, Frank Panucci, with a previously unseen compilation of public domain footage and a classic bit of computer animation.

Host segments were shot on a very windy day on and around the Mound in South Charleston.

"There are no Z-Rays"

The show kicks off with Frank Panucci’s “Prelinger Finger Zinger,” yet another collection of public domain footage from Prelinger Archives, set to a jaunty industrial dance tune.

Our first musical guest is Slate Dump, a one-man-band ,formerly of Morgantown and now from Memphis. We recorded Slate Dump last year at The Empty Glass nn the same night we recorded The Dad Horse Experience.

Slate Dump at The Empty Glass

We are treated to Slate Dump’s original tune, “Kashmir Kiss Kiss.” Slate Dump first appeared on RFC back on episode 74.

Pixar stole the idea for "Cars" from this.

Our animation this time revisits a classic piece from Frank Panucci that first ran on RFC in 2006. This time the soundtrack has been wiped and replaced with a note-for-note recreation, to ensure the highest quality.

Electro Biscuit is Greg Wegman, Kai Haynes and RFC Big Shot, Brian Young. This performance was recorded last year at LiveMix Studio shortly before LiveMix was eliminated by Vatican Assassins.

Electro Biscuit at LiveMix Studio

Joining the band on this tune is Stan Bumgardner on violin. Stan will also be with the band Tuesday night at The Empty Glass, providing music for the E-Council meeting beginning at 6:30.

Red Audio at The Empty Glass

Wrapping up the show we have the RFC debut of Red Audio, a hot pop punk band from Summersville. We hope to have them back doing some of their original material soon. You get to see them here performing a cover of Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me Out.”

That’s it for this week’s show. Next week RFC hits number 125 with music from Mother Nang, Pepper Fandango and Adrian DeQuiros. We also have the return of Kitty Killton and the most wholesome animation we’ve ever shown! Host segments show off a rare treasure tucked away on Charleston’s West Side.