Last night Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art Party invaded Charleston with their first full-fledged event at The Empty Glass.  As wild music was provided by David Synn and The Elvis Presley Murder Files, Pepper Fandango and Conway Titty modeled for a room full of cutting-edge artists.

Pepper Fandango, of course, hosts the Open Mic nights at The Empty Glass on many Monday nights (like tonight) and will appear in a bathtub on RFC 125. The next Dr. Sketchy event at The Empty Glass will be April 17, starting at 6:30 PM.

My sketching ability was hampered quite a bit because I’d driven for eight hours from Washington DC right before the event, but there are no restrictions on what medium the artists at a Dr. Sketchy event are allowed to use, so my weapon of choice was the digitally-assaulted photograph!

Above you see Pepper Fandango, done up in a colored sketch manner. Below you see Conway Titty in Gothic Oils. Click the images to see them bigger.