rfc-beatles-0018Live and Local on The AIR brings you part six of the Rubber Soul Beatles marathon concert from February 2 tonight at 9 PM on The AIR. Tune in at the website, or on this cool little embedded player…

This part of the concert is around the mid-point of the 14-hour show, and sees Mark Parsons-Justice stepping in to give Larry Groce a break as MC about halfway-through.

Here’s the playlist. Guest musicans are listed in parantheses, on vocals unless otherwise noted:

Live and Local 002

“Baby’s In Black” (Erin Elizabeth Martin)
“I’ve Just Seen A Face” (Erin Elizabeth Martin)
“Norwegian Wood” (Ryan Hardiman)
“Love You Too” (Mark Davis-hand drums)
“Tomorrow Never Knows”  (Mark Davis)
“Michelle” (Bob Thompson-solo keyboards)
“In My Life” (Jonathan Tucker, Bob Thompson keyboards)
“It’s Only Love” (Ryan Hardiman)
“Girl” (Ryan Hardiman)
“Two of Us” (Tayan and Zene Cooper)
“When I Get Home”
“Maggie Mae”
“I’ve Got A Feeling” (Jeff Gianola)

Mark Parsons-Justice steps in to host

“One After 909”
“It’s Only A Northern Song”
“All Together Now”
“It’s All Too Much”
“Here There and Everywhere” (Kim Javins, Ryan Kennedy-Guitar)
“Magical Mystery Tour” (Kevin Mullins)
“The Fool On the Hill”
“Blue Jay Way”
“You’re Mother Should Know” (Travis Stephens)
“I Am The Walrus” (Daniel Calwell)
“Hello Goodbye” (Beth Segessenman)
“Strawberry Fields” (Kevin Mullins/Michelle Toliver)
“Penny Lane” (Larry Groce, David Porter-Trumpet)
“Baby You’re A Rich Man”
“All You Need Is Love”
“Yellow Submarine” (Ron Sowell)

Rubber Soul is Mark Scarpelli, Greg Hunt, Garret Maner, Michele Toliver, Bryan Flowers and Brian Holstine. We will bring you part seven of the marathon Monday at 3 PM, and parts eight and nine starting at 10 AM Tuesday. Then on Wednesday, Valentine’s Day, we’ll start at noon and bring you thirteen hours of the entire concert.