The PopCulteer
July 20, 2018

Okay, originally this PopCulteer was going to be a long travelogue, complete with photos, about my trip through Tennessee last month to go to the last official GI Joe Convention. Unfortunately, other projects piled up and I don’t have time to to get that piece finished in time to post today, so you can expect it next week. It’s long and funny and has cool photos.

Also, because of those aforementioned projects piling up, most of this week’s programming on The AIR was made up of encores of our most popular shows (AKA reruns). Saturday, instead of the usual repeats of all the week’s new music shows, The AIR will run a bonus 12-hour marathon of The Swing Shift from 7AM to 7 PM, which brings you the best Swing Music from the last 100 years. This is sort of in honor of tonight’s guests on Live on the Levee, and it’s also our show with the biggest international listenership.  That news only takes up one paragraph, so I still need to come up with something besides my unfinished piece on the Tennesee trip to fill up this PopCulteer.

I thought about just vamping it.

Instead, I’m going to mention a couple of things I’ll be going to soon, starting with tonight’s Live on the Levee with the Voodoo Katz and The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies. For medical reasons I’m supposed to stay out of the heat and avoid exposure to the sun. However, CPD is one of my favorite bands and this is their first time playing Charleston, and The Voodoo Katz always put on a killer show, so I’m going to risk it and go.

You can go too. Details are in this graphic, and it’s FREE.


Next weekend I’m heading out to yet another GI Joe convention. This one isn’t official, but it is really cool. Just look at these two graphics for The Kentuckiana GI Joe Show, and then watch the video I made for last year’s show.


And that is this week’s PopCulteer. Check PopCult all weekend long because there will be more toy news from SDCC, along with the RFC Flashback, video from The Marx Toy Museum and possibly extra bits and pieces.