This week we go back to September, 2011 for Radio Free Charleston 144, “Mission Coalition Shirt.”  This special episode of the show was devoted to a big two-day metal fest, which was held at The Sound Factory on the weekend of September 9 and 10, 2011. This was a really big deal that we wrote extensively about in the PopCulteer leading up to the event.

On this edition of RFC you will find music videos by the Friday and Saturday night headliners, Karma To Burn and The Suede Brothers, plus a great video from Tomorrow Burns, and live performances from HarraH and The Scrap Iron Pickers.

Mission Coalition, Charleston’s first two-day metal fest, featured twelve bands spread over two nights. Fans heard major acts like Karma to Brun and The Suede Brothers, plus local legends The Scrap Iron Pickers, Linework, HarraH, Saprogen, Tower of the Elephant, John Lancaster, Tomorrow Burns, The Number Six, Deadface Down and Nuns on Fire.  It was hoped that this would be the first of many Mission Coalition shows, but to date, it was the only one.

As a bonus this week, down below you’ll find our 14-minute PopCult Instant Video, showing off raw video and audio highlights from the Mission Coalition show, and below that, the poster for the show.

Maybe we’ll get lucky and the concept can be revived at The Bakery, now that Charleston has a venue capable of handling an audience big enough to make such a show viable.