rfc-rfci-logoWe posted our full week’s schedule here on Monday, but wanted you to know about two shows hosted by your PopCulteer that you can hear this afternoon on our internet radio station, The AIR. You can tune in at the website, or on this convenient little embedded player…

At 2 PM you get another chance to hear the best local music around on this week’s Radio Free Charleston. We open with a track from the new Byzantine album, “The Cicada Tree,” then we take a trip through the RFC Archives, mixing brand-new music with tracks from every decade going back to the 1960s.

Check out the playlist:


Byzantine  “New Ways To Bear Witness”
John Radcliff  “RocknRolla”
Farnsworth  “For You”
Hawthorne Heights  “Stranded”
Feast of Stephen  “Escape The Man”
The Heavy Editors  “Take This Town and Kill It”
Pale Nova  “I’m Gone”
Speedsuit  “Long As Yesterday”
The Rose Garden  “February Sunshine”
Stark Raven  “Talking To The Walls”
Jack Griffith  “Under The Sun”
Hurl Brickbat  “Subliminals”
Hasil Adkins  “The Hunch”
The Science Fair Explosion  “Appetite for Apology”
Scarlet Revolt  “Tomorrow Never Comes”
Kerry Hughes  “Tequila Mockingbird”
Bobaflex  “Hey You”

Right after that blast of local goodness, at 3 PM,  we bring you the International version. Radio Free Charleston International is where I get to play whatever I want. This premiere episode is loaded with two hours of my favorite obscure tunes–you won’t find a hit in the bunch–by some of my all-time favorite artists. Here’s the playlist:

RFCI 044

air-7-5-17Utopia  “Junk Rock (A Million Monkeys)”
Klaatu  “Around The Universe”
Eddie Jobson  “Green Face”
The Buggles  “Rainbow Warrior”
Frank Zappa  “Tinsel Town Rebellion
Rick Wakeman  “Wooly Willy Tango”
Queen  “The March of the Black Queen”
Kate Bush  “Get Out of My House”
Wall of Voodoo  “Elvis Gave Dora A Cadillac”
Lene Lovich  “What Will I Do Without You”
Crack The Sky  “A Night On The Town (with Snow White)”
The Stranglers  “The Men They Love To Hate”
Elvis Costello  “From A Whisper To A Scream”
Andy Prieboy  “Psycho Ex”
Pretenders  “Tatooed Love Boys”
The Dickies  “Pretty Please Me”
DEVO  “Going Under”
YES  “Release Release”
Renaissance  “Camera Camera”
Split Enz  “Nobody Takes Me Seriously”
Oingo Boingo  “Mary”
Julian Cope  “Beautiful Love”
Harlequin  “Sweet Things In Life”
Brian Wilson  “Wanderlust”
Joe Jackson  “Slow Song”
Shriekback  “Nemesis”

You really ought to tune in for the RFC onslaught on The AIR. It’s a life-changing experience!