22282061_290166328149275_2018736838990578618_nThe Bakery is the name of the all-ages venue that is under construction by The Charleston Music and Arts Collective at the former Purity Bread Factory on Charleston’s West Side. I’ve been trying to keep PopCult readers up to date about their progress and how you can help. Progress is indeed being made. Last week a building permit was granted to allow for demolition and construction to turn the space into top-flight performance area, complete with ADA-compliant restrooms. There’s plenty of work to be done, and plenty of ways you can pitch in.

The non-profit in charge of all this can still use donations. You can make a cash donation through their Generosity Page, and a novel idea is in the works for those of you who want to make more tangible donations. As I mentioned last week, The Bakery now has a gift registry set up with some much-needed items from Lowes, so that you can purchase the tools and supplies that they specifically need, and donate them directly to the cause.  Visit their MyRegistry page for full details on how this works.

If you want to get more involved and offer your time and possibly do some manual labor, you should like and follow the Charleston Music and Arts Collective Facebook page for information on upcoming meetings and benefit shows.

Charleston desperately needs an all-ages venue, and The building desperately needs a major tenant, so this is a match made in heaven. You can help turn this into a safe place for kids and adults to gather and enjoy music and the arts in a non-drinking environment.