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A FiestaWare Oasis In Alabama

Continuing our series of photo essays about our mid-March trip to ToyLanta, we have one more stop before the toy show. Actually, this was supposed to be our first stop before snow decided to mess with our original plans.

While we were headed South for ToyLanta, and we left early so Mel could visit her happy place of Senoia, Georgia, we had also learned of a magical place called The Alabama Dish Outlet, in Oxford, Alabama.

It’s just twenty miles or so from the Georgia/Alabama border, and Mel’s buddy, Jim Preece, who owns Table Talk in Senoia, told her about this cool place filled with FiestaWare, and that they had retired colors.

I checked Google Maps and told Mel we were going. It’d be foolish to be that close and not visit this place.

Alabama Dish Outlet is a very friendly place, packed tight with all things FiestaWare (plus Kit Kat Clocks and even some Blenko Glass). The building is smaller than the Fiesta Outlet in Flatwoods, but seemed to have about three times as much stock, neatly arranged in a maze-like floorplan that leaves you finding a new treasure every time you turn around.

I am not a FiestaWare expert by any means, so I’m not going to write captions for these photos. I will say that the vast majority of what you see below is FiestaWare. The store does carry a few complimentary brands other cool pieces, in addition to the Kit Kat Clocks and a shelf filled with Blenko goodness.

You can visit The Alabama Dish Outlet’s Facebook Page for more information, and if you’re in the South Atlanta area, it’s less than a 90-minute drive. Well worth it for the die-hard Fiesta collector.

I only took one photo in that back room, in case you were wondering how packed this place is.

Mid-century hors d’oeuvres, anybody?

Obligatory pineapple shot.

In addition to a massive selection of FiestaWare, The Alabama Dish Outlet also offers a very colorful selection of Kit Kat Clocks.

They also had a cool display of Blenko Glass. There’s something sort of bizarre about leaving West Virgina to go find Fiesta and Blenko stuff in Alabama, but it’s still fun.

Our last image today is a detail of the photo above. I had never seen the Fiesta dancing lady cookie jars in person until this trip. Now I’m trying to figure out which color Mel would like best.

And that is the photographic evidence of our first trip to The Alabama Dish Outlet. I’m sure there will be more. Starting tomorrow we’ll bring you photos and maybe video from ToyLanta.

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