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ToyLanta: The Toys

All right, I have to admit I’m slacking off a bit here. Today’s photo essay is nothing but toys we saw almost two weeks ago at ToyLanta.  Next week I hope to bring you some short videos, and tomorrow the plan is to show off the dioramas and custom figures, but today it’s all about the toys.

I’m talking reallly cool toys, like Aaron Luck’s 3-D printed miniature Adventure Team vehicles (seen right) and thousands of other cool action figures, dolls, robots and other cool things.

Face it, this is just pure, dirty, dirty toy porn.

Many of these pics were taken when we snuck in a little early to shoot photos of the dealers setting up, so if some displays seem a little disheveled, it’s because they’re a work in progress. I was still skittish about being in crowded rooms, so once the general public came in, I made myself scarce. Hopefully we’ll be back to normal enough next year for me to feel comfortable in crowds, but we’re not there yet.

I also made the sad discovery that the videos I shot on the final morning of ToyLanta, before we hit the road, did not come out in any usuable form. I will be posting about a couple of the folks I intended to spotlight in those in the coming weeks.

I’ll probably still be posting ToyLanta photos and video through next week, so I hope nobody’s sick of this stuff yet. We’ve been back more than a week, but it takes a long time to decompress from your first extended trip in over two years and we’re still finding our footing.  Today is all about the toys, so dig in…

I used this as the feature image for the Sunday Evening Video, but folks asked me to post it again, unsquooshed and without the logo.

Some dealers had cool Barbie stuff. Take note of that ’57 Chevy.

Cool 80s and 90s stuff.

Joe-sized vehicles that I couldn’t have fit in the car anyway.

We almost bought the Cecil In The Box, but decided to pass on it.

Cool toys of a more recent vintage.

Classics from the 70s and 80s.

Loads of primo Joe and 1/6 scale goodies.

It’s sort of sad that I can look at toys that are customs, based on figures released twenty years or so ago, and still think, “Oh, new-style figures!”

Lotsa goodies here.

Same dealer, different angle.

Another giant-sized Joe-scale vehicle. It would’ve taken up our backseat.

There was way more Star Wars stuff for sale than I show in these pictures. Sorry I didn’t remember to take photos of them all.

Now there’s something you don’t see every day.

Mel and I almost dropped $45 on this mpty box, but then remembered that we don’t any room for it in the house.

One of the many dealers tucked away in one of the many, many side rooms.

Remember that Barbie ’57 Chevy? Well, this guy had it loose. And he was asking ten bucks for it and threw in the Ken doll. It’s in our living room at the moment.

I pity the foo’ that doesn’t like comic books and MEGO figures!

An astounding amount of coolness per square inch in this photo.

A rare photo of the Adventure Team Helicopter mating with the Adventure Team Mobile Support Vehicles. Only time will tell what this cross-breeding experiement will bear.

Casually tucked away among more recent action figures and toys is Ideal’s Robot Commando from 1961.

That is our trip to ToyLanta’s dealer’s rooms for today. Play nice and I may revisit this topic again next week, along with any video that I’m able to salvage and some other cool photos from the trip. Tomorrow we’ll look at custom figures and dioramas.

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