Wednesday night IWA East Coast returns to the South Charleston Community Center with a night of wild action and artful violence, “A Need To Bleed 2007.”   Fans will be treated to an epic title match between IWA East Coast champ Jerry Lynn and challenger Mike Quackenbush.  Quackenbush, also a published author, is one of the most exciting wrestlers on the indy scene, and this match promises to be one for the ages.

The main event is War Games In The Barbed Wire Cage, featuring The Hane Brothers, Juggulator, and a mystery opponent facing off against Mad Man Pondo, 2 Tuff Tony, Mickie Knuckles and a mystery opponent in a match that will involve timed entrances, handcuffs, barbed wire, brutality and buckets of blood. 

Also on the card is a match to determine the fate of Ian Rotten, who was ousted from IWA East Coast in a controversial match against  Juggulator last year.  Defending Ian’s honor will be the mysterious Midnight Rider, rumored to be a legend of the wrestling world, performing under a mask.   He’ll take on Juggz in this high-stakes match.  If the Rider wins, Ian Rotten can return.  If he loses, the Midnight Rider must unmask.  During this match, Juggulator’s partners-in-crime, IWA mega-stars Crowza and Woody Numbers, will be handcuffed to some horribly unfortunate audience member to keep them from interfering.

 Also, Mad Man Pondo defends his Fighting Ultimate Crazy Kings championship against Drake Younger.   Former IWA East Coast champ Chris Hero faces Japanese star Kudo.  Zac Vincent, Omega Aaron Draven,  Danshoku Dino, Vorteski, and more will be on hand. 

Ringside tickets are $15, and General Admission tickets are $10.   Tickets will be available at the door.  Check IWAEastCoast.com for more details and directions.