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RFC Production Notes: Fanatomy

14fanatomy02.png“I Hate Your God,” seen in episode 14 of Radio Free Charleston, is one of the more potentially controversial songs we’ve brought you on Radio Free Charleston, but it’s also a killer tune that doesn’t sound like anything else we’ve featured. I first heard of  ******** via MySpace, and got in touch with their head honcho, ********. We cooked up the idea of shooting a lip-synced video since gathering the entire band at LiveMix Studio would have been a huge undertaking.

This video has been removed. It has come to our attention that the artist, Michael Baldwin, also known as Murdok Hyde and Fanatomy among other aliases, may have plagarized all or parts of this song from another artist. Until the matter is resolved, this video will not be available for public viewing. We are sorry for the inconvenience.Tomorrow I’ll tell you about Pentagram Flowerbox, Marvel Jackass, and why I look so disheveled in the host segments.


  1. Dark Phil

    I find it hard to believe that you shot that video as quick as you say. It looks like you had a full crew and a crack editing staff. If you’re able to do work like that, please come North and revitalize our Goth Scene. Our local stuff looks like bad public access television.

    Great song, too. The singer has a real Peter Murphy vibe going. I like the retro 80s sound that the backing has.

    Marvel Jackass and Pentagram Flowerbox were both very funny, too. You’ve got a new loyal viewer.

  2. Phantasia


    I can’t believe we have anything this cool in H-town. All I ever see in clubs are fugly hairy metal bands. When will Fanatomy be playing out? I NEED TO KNOW!!!

  3. Eldritch

    It’s easily the best thing you’ve had on your show, but are you afraid of the word “Goth?” Would it scare off too many of your readers to call the music what it is?

  4. Banderos

    If I were still an impressionable youth, Radio Free Charleston would be a guiding light, warping my development so that I would become a Goth and shop at Hot Topic and beat up Emo kids.

    You do good work.

  5. Darva Sett

    Where can I buy Fanatomy’s CD? Where are they playing? Go Van Gogh was pretty good, too. How come we never get good bands like this in Huntington?

  6. Elvis Capone

    The term “goth” would not scare me off from anything. I thought it was made up for SOUTH PARK. I did not know “goth” was a real thing actual people did. If it’s real, that’s funny. Is it like “furries”?

    FANATOMY is “goth”? I thought it was a Nine Inch Knobs knockoff, not too shabby for a home recording. Of course, Trent Reisenhower has moved on to other things now: Raising his children, teaching Sunday school, Republican fund-raising.

    Muldok – that’s a pretty cool name. It’s very close to IRON MAN’s arch enemy, MODOK, the giant head in a floating chair. See his pitcher HERE

  7. Smythe

    It’s not really Goth. It’s a great techno pop tune, but it’s not Goth. There’s no frilly collars or misquoting Poe or Blake. Good video.

    Rest of the show is pretty cool, too.

  8. Popess

    I don’t care what you call it, it fairly well rocks. I like the sentiment too. I don’t hate your god, but I’m tired of him mooching all my smokes. Then when he has his own, they’re all Menthol!

    Cheap-ass god and his lousy menthols.

  9. Rick Super

    upon watching this video I felt overly compelled to completely remove my crotch with a cheese grater and rape the nearest mamal i saw. You can’t buy this kinda quality!!! I can only hope that when I go to hell this will be the anthem, it surely would be easy then. Can’t wait, Murdok, I’ll be seeing you in hell!!!!

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