1-04-imageThis week lucky PopCult readers can partake in three different versions of my Charleston, West Virginia-based music program, Radio Free Charleston. Up above this text you can watch the latest video episode of the show. This is the first video RFC since early in 2016, and it was great to flex the video muscles once again to prove that I could still do it.

After taking an extended hiatus to deal with some health issues that made editing video difficult, I have recovered sufficiently to return to producing my video Valentine to Charleston’s music scene on a limited basis, with four to eight episodes planned for 2018. You can read the full production notes and more about our future plans for the show HERE.  But that’s just the first of our RFC trio this week.

1-04-logoTuesday we debuted a new radio episode of RFC on The AIR. You can hear replays of it Thursday at 2 PM, Friday at 8 PM and Saturday at 11 AM and Midnight. It features an hour of local music with new cuts from Farnsworth, 4OHM MONO, John Radcliff, Johnny Compton and more. You can listen at The AIR website, or on this cool, embedded player right here…

Thursday at 3 PM we bring you the final entry in our RFC trifecta with Radio Free Charleston International, the weekly, two-hour show where I play any music that I feel like playing. This week we open with unplugged Simple Minds, and progress through 120 minutes featuring soundtrack music from a Godzilla movie, classic tracks from Split Enz, The Ramones, Hawklords and The Who, and new tracks from Downes Braide Association, Cindy Wilson (from The B 52s), Charlotte Gainsbourg and many others.

RFC International is a throwback to the original Radio Free Charleston radio program from 1989, which started out as a way to bring alternative and progressive music to Charleston radio listeners. We quickly added local music to the mix, and it was a real kick to mix the local stuff in with the best music from around the world.

When we revived RFC as a video show in 2006, due to issues with music rights, we had to narrow our focus on local music, and for the next ten years or so that was the primary mission of Radio Free Charleston. Rather than bringing new music INTO Charleston, we focussed on bringing Charleston’s music to the world.

Now that we have The AIR and can once again play whatever we want, we’re mixing things up while enjoying the best of both worlds. Plus we have several other great radio programs, because programming a radio station on your own 24 hours a day can get a bit tiring.

Thursday at 10 PM we have a new-to-The-AIR episode of The Best of The Real with Mark Wolfe, where Mark talks with Chuck Hamsher of The Purple Moon. At 11 PM stick around for an hour of Stan Freberg on The Comedy Vault (this is a totally different hour of Freberg than we featured on yesterday’s episode of The AIR Audio Playhouse).

Check out our full schedule for The AIR right here…