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Last weekend your PopCulteer attended two cool toy shows in two days, and is in the midst of working on videos and photos of those cool things to bring to his readers here in PopCult.

However, this is taking a bit longer than was expected because a mild-case of dual-city con crud needed tending to, and there were some other deadlinery things to deal with upon my return home.

Today we’re going to have a mini-photo essay of the trip, with five images from The Marx Toy Show in Wheeling, and five images from MEGO Meet in Columbus. If all goes according to plan, tomorrow I’ll have a short video and way more photos from The Marx Toy Show, and then Friday we’ll do the same for MEGO Meet. Both shows were incredible, and it was exhausting making the trip between them. I’m hoping that next year they have them on different weekends so I can take in the full experience of both shows.

The Marx Show will happen June 19-20 next year, so the MEGO folks, who did a great job with everything except scheduling this year, have a full year to pick a different weekend.

I’ll have more details on both shows in the next couple of days. The images below are sort of randomly-picked because I’m posting this right after moving the images into the PC for the first time. We’ll have way more pictures and links and stuff in the coming days.

The Marx Toy Show


Collectors in the train room, as the train layouts were being constructed just out of camera range. The dinosaur display caught my eye.


Not Marx, but it’s always cool to find a display case of Captain Action stuff on Tom Heaton’s Vintage Toy Room table.


The Bowlings, who wowed everyone with their custom creations, talking to Scott Stewart of Stewart’s Toy Attic in the Johnny West Dealers Room


Cheap plastic. Can’t beat that.


Another shot of the Johnny West Dealers Room, looking at Professor Jim Fuller’s table of cool stuff. I bought a couple of those custom figures.



Your PopCulteer with none other than Marty Abrams himself, the founder of MEGO Corp, and a very gregarious and nice guy.


These slightly modified customs of Captain Kirk dealing with Tribbles cracked your PopCulteer up, big time.


A portion of the MEGO customs entered into the Custom Auction.


Art Baltazar’s freaking incredible display. Always cool to see Art buzzing about the show.


We wrap up this look at MEGO Meet with a stop at the Small Chaos Studios custom display. Very cool stuff.

Thursday expect a big post on The Marx Toy Show, and Friday we’ll return to MEGO Meet in The PopCulteer.


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  1. Thomas Wheeler

    Okay, the Kirk-with-tribbles is cracking me up, too. Awesome that you got to meet Marty Abrams!

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