The PopCult Toybox

Above you see PopCult’s video coverage of the 2019 Marx Toy Show, which happened June 14 and 15 at The Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum in Wheeling. The idea was to give you a sample of the experience, compressed to just under eight minutes.

The Marx Show is always loads of fun, and you can get a taste of that in the video. You’ll see the toys, trains and most of all the people. Loads of enthusiastic collectors turned out to see what they could find to complete their collections.

PopCult was only there for the first day of the show, since we split our weekend between Wheeling and Columbus, where MEGO Meet took place. Even so, it was great fun to see our Marx Toy collecting buddies, and pick up some goodies for our own ever-growing toy archives.

Below is a small sampling of photos from the show. We’ll be posting more photos in the future, and we’ll also have photos to go with our side trip to The Marx Toy Museum, once we get the video for that evening edited and posted (probably next week). Tomorrow, if things go according to plan, we’ll bring you a video of our time at MEGO Meet.

We’re going to kick it off with images of some of the cool stuff I got at the show…

Above you see two images of the ultra-cool “Kneeling Johnny,” created by Terry Ryder.  Terry took some broken Johnnys and reassembled them into a fixed pose, then painted them to get a bronzed look. There are only ten of these, and I was was privileged to score one for my collection. It will have a place of honor.

This is a large part of my entire Marx haul. I’m trying not to accumulate quite so much until we get our storage and display issues sorted here at Stately Radio Free Charleston Manor. This was a small toy show pick up for me.

Legendary Defectors and Clownhole guitarist, John “Sham Voodoo” Estep, and his son, Grayson, with their cool space playset that they managed to snag. It’s always cool to see an old friend, and even cooler to see them find some great toys.

More toy porn. Control yourselves, people.


One of the many incredible playsets on display at the show.


Dave Roth caught in the act of making a Marx collector very happy.


The amazing Terry Ryder, with the amazing work of Lee and Grayson Bowling, a beautiful oversized wooden recreation of the plastic Johnny West travel case, complete with bas relief sculpting and gold lettering.

Always good to see cool stuff in the train room.


Even though my heart is in The JohnnyCon room.


The friendly staff at Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum checking in another happy collector.

We will have more Marx photos next week, including photos from The Marx Toy Museum, where your PopCulteer actually remembered to get his photo with some of his friends this time. Tomorrow, however, we turn our attention toward MEGO Meet.