wednesdayIt’s time for another Wednesday filled with great programming on The AIR. Listen at the website or on this swell little radio widget…

New programs today include a brand new edition of On The Road With Mel at 1 PM.  This week, it’s a two-topic show. In the first half, Mel Larch tells you all about how to pack for a trip. The second half is a handy guide to the best ways to get out of Charleston.

With thirty minutes packed full of great basic travel information, this week’s On The Road With Mel is a can’t miss proposition.

At 1:30 PM, it’s time for this week’s all new STUFF TO DO.  Your hosts Rudy Panucci and Mel Larch tell you all about the weekend’s activities including ArtWalk, the late night bar scene, outdoor shows, and more.  This week, you’ll also hear music from Kevin Scarbrough, TriElement, and Ona. STUFF TO DO repeats at 6:30 PM and will be posted in PopCult Thursday.

At 2 PM, The Best of The Real With Mark Wolfe brings you an hour of terrific conversation with Lynne Sandy, the lead singer for Charleston’s legendary New Wave band, The Defectors. A second new edition of The Best of The Real With Mark Wolfe airs at 8 PM and features Mark’s interview with cult radio personality Jerry Glavin.

At 3 PM, there’s a brand new episode of Curtain Call, hosted once again by Mel Larch.  This week, Mel brings you showtunes from The Visit, Big Fish, The Light Princess, Hair, and more.

Fans of British comedy will want to tune in at 6 PM for a classic edition of The Goon Show and at 11 PM for a special episode of The Comedy Vault dedicated entirely to the late Monty Python member, Graham Chapman.

Between these shows, stay tuned for terrific indy music and encores of our other regular programs. And Thanks to Mitch O’Connell for today’s graphic.