STD 04As always, there is a ton of STUFF TO DO here in Charleston. There is indeed so much stuff that we had trouble fitting it all into our handy little audio guide, which you can hear on The AIR, or you can listen to right on this nifty little link thingy HERE. Your PopCulteer and Mel Larch tell you all about all kinds of stuff, and we sample the music of Kevin Scarbrough, TriElement and Ona, all of whom are playing in Charleston this weekend.

The big story this week is ArtWalk in Downtown Charleston, which happens Thursday from 5 PM to 8 PM. Mel and I tell you all about it and also give you the scoop on other goings-on around town.  You’ll find out more about these and other shows in the graphics below. Pay attention. Some of these came to our attention after we recorded this week’s show.

One major event that we didn’t learn about in time to include it in our audio show is the Restore HHHS Music Program Benefit Piano Concert. This happens Thursday, July 21 at the
John W. Davis Fine Arts Building on the campus of West Virginia State University in Institute,

This special program is to raise money and equipment donations for the Herbert Hoover High School Band and Choral music programs. You can donate dusty old instrument that you never play anymore or donate financially if able. Folks are also invited to come join in the fellowship of beautiful music in spirit with the Clendenin, WV community and Herbert Hoover High School.

Some needed items are instruments (sousaphone/marching and concert percussion especially), music stands, sheet music (band or choral), risers, amps, sound system, drum set, pledges for uniform sponsorship or financial donation, and anything else a high school music program would possibly need to function appropriately.

The program will include:
Beethoven “Tempest” Sonata op. 31, no. 2
Chopin “Octaves” Etude op. 25, no. 10
Debussy Prelude “La cathedrale engloutie”
Debussy Prelude in a minor (from “Pour le piano”)
Tchaikovsky Doumka
Rachmaninov Prelude in g minor op. 23, no. 5
and more from others.

For more information call (304) 881- 5071 or e-mail at

Now let’s go to the graphics. Remember, this is just a sample. There’s always STUFFTO DO!