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April 29, 2016

Dreams Become Real

Charleston native Ann Magnuson will be releasing a new album next month and you can pre-order it now.  Dream Girl follows Ann’s recent explorations of dreams, what they mean, and the world in which they happen.  Attendees at Ann’s show, An Evening of SuRURALism™, during FestivALL last year were treated to the pilot of her upcoming webseries, Ann Magnuson’s Dream Puppet Theater, which brings to life tales and adventures in the dream world.  Anyone who witnessed her show last year will be sure to want her new album.

You can pre-order Dream Girl as a download or autographed CD at Ann’s website HERE.

Any day now the nine-minute pilot for Ann Magnuson’s Dream Puppet Theater is expected to be posted online. Written by and starring Ann, who performs both as herself and as the voices of the many animated characters, this short film is a surreal delight. In each episode of the upcoming series, Ann’s Grandma Magnuson’s handmade dolls take turns telling their dreams of the previous night, followed by a sophisticated dream analysis. AMDPT is a surreal and hilarious journey into the depths of the human psyche featuring the animation by Jonathon Stearns.

HARRAH Pays The Piper

HARRAH "Pay The Piper" from Rudy Panucci on Vimeo.

0731-roddy-piper-getty-3The video you see above is what your PopCulteer spent a great deal of yesterday editing.  Pay The Piper is directed by Lee Harrah. This song, a preview track from the forthcoming HARRAH debut album, is Lee’s personal and heartfelt tribute to the legendary late actor and wrestler, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

It’s an emotional tribute to a true original, an iconic antihero who became beloved by millions in spitte of himself. This driving song is set to footage of Piper in the ring and on the screen, doing what he did best, entertaining us.

Enjoy the video, remember the man, and start to anticipate HARRAH’s debut album. We’ll have news on their CD release show soon.

Bill Shahan Health Update

10949223_1461716873.809As some of you may know, Bill Shahan, a very popular local on-air radio personality fell ill last year and was diagnosed with esophogeal cancer.  A Go Fund Me page has been established to help Bill & his family cope with the significant financial burden that his illness has caused.

Bill has been unable to work due to the extensive chemotherapy, radiation, hospital visits and doctors appointments. He and Londa have been fighting this fight and facing new challenges daily. Londa is caring for Bill, taking him to his doctors appointments, working and keeping up with everyday living.

As you know the insurance situation today never covers what is owed and even keeping up with co-payments, the medical bills keep mounting. Together, we can help Bill, Londa, Kylie and Allyson Shahan with their financial burden as Bill battles this terrible disease.

For details on how you can help one of the nicest guys to ever work in Charleston radio, check his Go Fund Me page HERE.

Twirly Whirly Burly-Q Photos

Image3Last Tuesday, the world-renowned Twirly Whirly Burly-Q burlesque troupe pulled in to Charleston to entertain the crowd at The Empty Glass.  Hazel Honeysuckle, Ula Uberbusen, and Rosie Cheeks were joined by our local burlesque starlets Pepper Fandango and Kitty Killton.  It was a great evening.  Before the show, fantastic food was available from Thaibilly Kitchen and after the ladies worked their burlesque magic, the crowd was treated to the incredible music of The George Brackens Band.

Twirly Whirly Burly-Q put on a fantastic show as all three ladies showed that it is possible to look stunning, dance well, sing with beautiful voices and entertain with comedy all while taking off your clothes. This was one of the slickest, most professional burlesque shows I’ve seen, and Charleston was privileged to play host to this talented trio.

This was not simply a strip-show. These three hard-working ladies are traveling the country in a station wagon, playing 23 cities in a few short weeks and driving over 7,000 miles while putting on a show almost every night with singing, dancing, comedy, complicated hair, makeup and wardrobe and maintaining a very high level of glamour the entire time. And they do all this while coping with unpredictable factors like unexpected torrential downpours and surprise appearances nearby by presidential candidates. I would like to point out that while Bernie Sanders did energize the crowd in Huntington, he did not do so while wearing heels, a wig and formal gown, and not once did he twirl tassels from his boobs.

I could rave on about the terrific routines performed by Ula, Hazel and Rosie, and also the first-rate job that our local Burly-Q stars Kittty Killton and Pepper Fandango did, but instead I’ll let my patented GRAINY-CAM photos give you an idea of the incredible show that took place at The Empty Glass last Tuesday. I hope we are lucky enough to see this troupe in town again.

This is further proof that the people who complain that there’s never anything to do in Charleston don’t know nuthin’. Check out these photos.And please note that we are still trying to work out the bugs with our new layout here at PopCult, and hope to regain the ablity to caption photos again someday.





The Amazing Ula Uberbusen








The Astounding Hazel Honeysuckle




The Adorable Rosie Cheeks




That’s it for The PopCulteer this week.  We hooked you up with a bunch of Stuff To Do yesterday, but I forgot to mention Friday night’s show at Fireside Bar & Lounge, above Little India. My old friend, Spencer Elliott, will be performing along with his Candyrat Records labelmate, Ian Ethan Case in an evening of astonishing fingerstyle guitar. You can read more about it in bill Lynch’s article HERE.

I want to thank everybody for the outpouring of concern after last week’s PopCulteer and I want to let everyone know that I’m doing great, feeling better than expected, and really enjoying having the ability to once again extend my middle finger whilst driving too fast under the influence of steroids.  Seriously though, I thank you for your concern.  I’m really doing great, even if the meds currently have me waking up at 5 AM and conking out around 9PM.

Remember to check PopCult regularly for most of our regular features.We’re here every day.