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Thursday at midnight, with replays Friday at 10 PM and Saturday morning at 11, tune in for an all-new edition of Radio Free Charleston International, as we bring you a crazy two-hour mix of wild music that no other radio station would dare to program.

Tune in to the AIRadio website, or listen to the show on this handy little radio-player widget…

This week we begin with music by Prince, whom we lost last week. We had to pay tribute to one of our era’s greatest musical forces, and we open the show and open our second hour with tunes from The dearly departed Purple One.

We also have brand-new music from Hawkwind, Mel C, Status Quo, The Deftones, Wire, Vera Vinter and Flaming Lips. Add to that deep album cuts from The Tubes, Klaatu, Bruce Dickenson, The Tutles, Fleur and more, plus a psychedelic set and a couple of blippy, farty tunes, and you have a truly striking show.

It all kicks off at midnight, Thursday, with a replay Friday at 10 PM and Saturday at 11 AM, on Appalachian Independent Radio.

Special Thanks to Mitch O’Connell for this week’s art.

Tune in to hear what all the fuss is about.

The Playlist:

Prince  “Housequake”

Hawkwind  “The Machine”
Focus  “Hocus Pocus”
U2  “Lucifer’s Hands”
Regina Spektor “machine”

Cheap Trick  “Reach Out”
Status Quo  “Let It Fly”
The Zombies  ‘Play It For Real”
Bruce Dickinson  “1,000 Points of Light”

Plastic Flowers  “Heavenly”
Dan Random  “I’m Only Sleeping”
The Turtles  “She’s My Girl”
Bridgette Bardot  “Ne Me Laisse Pas L’amimer”
Klaatu  “Hope”
Prince  ‘Paisley Park”

Deftones  “Phantom Bride”
Wire  “Pilgrim Trade”
Vera Vinter  “Monsterland”
Flaming Lips  “Lightning Strikes The Postman”
Mel C  “Here It Comes Again”

Tubes  “What Do You Want From Life”
The Communards  “Don’t Leave Me This Way”
Reverand Horton Heat  “Jonny Quest/Stop That Pigeon”
Sparkle Moore  “Skull and Crossbones”

Fleur  “Endless Groove”
John Foxx  “Touch and Go”
Cherry Poppin’ Daddies  “Shake Your Love Maker”