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August 26
, 2016

Earlier this year I wrote about how 2016 is a year of notable Pop Culture anniversaries, and that is true for PopCult as well.

This coming Sunday marks eleven years of PopCult. It seems like only yesterday that Douglas Imbrogno gave me the keys to the blog and turned me loose, but it was actually more than four-thousand yesterdays ago. It has become my most visible work and I enjoy every minute of it.

Last month marked the tenth anniversary of the video version of Radio Free Charleston. I still plan to produce a special episode commemorating that as soon as my medical issues allow me to resume video editing again. That might happen sooner than anyone expects. Still, ten years is ten years, and I’m very proud of what I’ve produced in that time, even while I am on a bit of a hiatus.

But the biggest and best anniversary of all is today. Two years ago on this date, I did the best thing ever in my life. I married Melanie Larch, in Chicago, on stage at the Steppenwolf Theater. Only a very small circle of our closest friends knew in advance, and it was fun and extremely cool to return from the ceremony to our hotel and post about it on Facebook, and watch as nearly a thousand people reacted in shock. That photo above is us the day after our wedding, in the hotel, um…reading room. We have made a wonderful life for ourselves and plan to continue doing so. It’s also nice to know that our reason for getting married in Chicago has become a moot point, far sooner than anyone expected. Everyone should have a chance to be as happy as we are.

And since today is the anniversary of my wedding I have more important things to do than write this blog. The post was written on Wednesday. I’m taking the day off to be with my wife. Enjoy your weekend.


  1. bbg

    Congrats! And thanks for all you do.

  2. Thomas Wheeler

    Congratulations! 🙂

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