STD LOGO 8 11It’s Thursday and that means that it’s time for STUFF TO DO. You can read this post or listen to the audio version right here in this link/embed thingy HERE.  This week we tell you about all kinds of cool events, and bring you an exclusive song from The Irreplaceables, who perform Friday night at The Blue Parrot. Enjoy it, because this week is the last time we will be doing this show for the foreseeable future.

I love bringing news of cool things happening in Charleston to my readers here in PopCult, and my listeners on The AIR, but STUFF TO DO is simply too labor-intensive, and has garnered so little feedback, that it’s simply not worth the time it takes to produce.

Each episode requires a full eighteen-hour day of gathering information, collating and curating it, writing a script, recording and editing the show…and in the eight weeks that we’ve been doing the show we have not received one bit of feedback–no criticism or words of encouragement. It seems that nobody wants to listen.

I will be exploring more efficient means of letting people know what kind of STUFF TO DO there is, whether it’s short announcements on The AIR, or posts here in PopCult that just focus on one event at a time. It’s clear that presenting a comprehensive list of cool events in one place is just something that doesn’t appeal to many people.

The time I spend producing STUFF TO DO will be better spent reviving The PopCult Toybox and The PopCult Bookshelf, both of which will return next week. But, for one last time, here are some graphics for events happening this weekend.








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