As the month turns, it’s once again time for your guide to things you can do in and around Charleston this week in our latest edition of STUFF TO DO.

This time, since things are sort of back to normal here in the PopCult office and I have some spare time, we’re going to mention a few things that are happening that don’t have handy graphics for me to swipe. Links will take you to their Facebook events pages.

Live Music is back at Taylor Books. There is no cover charge, and shows start at 7:30 PM. Friday it’s Key to Adam with their Special Guest (and old RFC buddy) Spencer Elliott. Saturday is another old RFC buddy, Alan Griffith, with The Madison 2. The Davisson Brothers will be in Dunbar at The Bucket on Saturday.

Also, even though we have a cool graphic for it below, note that Wednesday night The Empty Glass is bringing in You Bred Raptors, a band I’ve been a fan of since I saw them performing at The International Toy Fair in New York City six years ago.

Theater fans should note that Dan Kehde’s award-winning hour-long drama, “Love Is Not An Angry Thing”, comes to the stage of the Elk City Playhouse, 128 Wahington St. W, for a two night run, April 29 and 30. Curtain rises at 7 PM for this two person play about a young teenager’s battle to save her best friend from an abusive boyfriend and their progressively obsessive relationship. Love Is Not An Angry Thing features the talents of local actors Sophia Mallory and Sara Jo Bender and, due to obvious adult themes, is rated PG 13. Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for students/seniors and are available at the door prior to each performance as well as online at

Please remember that the pandemic is not over yet, and now only the stupidest of people are going without vaccinations if they’re eligible. Despite some recent dubious legal rulings, many people are still wearing masks, and many of us, understandably, are still nervous about being in crowds, masked or not. Be kind and understanding  while you’re out.

If you wanna hear something funny,  tune in to The AIR Wednesday night at 11 PM where we will offer up a new episode of The Comedy Vault, this time featuring an hour of Rik Mayall’s last project.

In the meantime, if you’re up for going out, here are some suggestions from folks who were kind enough to provide graphics and make my job easier…