Two Steps Back Pitch from Taylor Napier on Vimeo.

Above you see an intro video for a proposed new movie by a friend of mine, David Smith, of Huntington. David had me do a bit part in an earlier film of his, Ladybeard, and lately he’s been active in the Huntington comedy scene.

Now the writer/director is ready to make another movie, Two Steps Back, a WV-based feature length comedy film about trying to get ahead and accepting where you come from

You can find more information about Two Steps Back HERE. Below I’m going to swipe a little of what David writes, just to give you an idea what this film is about.

Two Steps Back is a feature-length comedy/drama about a community theater actor named Bobbi who lives in Huntington, the second largest city in West Virginia, but has always dreamed of moving to New York. Six months before her 30th birthday, after some vehicle and landlord problems remind her how little she has progressed toward her goals, she decides to quit her job and take everything she has to try to move as soon as possible. She quickly fails and is forced to move back in with her parents in the small town where she grew up

Most of us can at least kind of relate to that, right?!

This movie is inspired by my own experiences, but I know a lot of people who have gone through similar things. I think it’s a universal story, but in writing it, I was specifically interested in the struggle that Appalachians and West Virginians in the arts deal with in terms of whether to move away or to use your gifts and talents at home. It’s a complicated issue when it comes to personal values as well as how you view your level of success and self-worth. My hope is that the movie will make you laugh as it explores that stuff.

Two Steps Back will star Abbey Miskowiec. The Director of Photography is Taylor Napier. Director of Photography is Taylor Napier.

You can find out more about the movie and the crew, and how to donate HERE. There’s three weeks left in this Indie GoGo campaign, so don’t put it off.

We leave you with one more plea from David (seen left, with Tiny Dog)…

By contributing to this film, you get to help West Virginians tell a story about themselves and their home–something that sadly isn’t done enough. You can also, depending on how much you donate, get an exclusive look at the process through access to exclusive social media, read the script, be among the first to see the finished film, and get your name in the credits!