The PopCulteer
October 30, 2009


Due to a family emergency, the planned epic-length PopCulteer will be split up into several different posts over the weekend. This post is a photo essay of the cool art exhibit on Charleston’s East End, ArtMares. To the right you see Joe Bolyard’s installation, “Death Deified,” which is one of the most striking pieces in an incredible assortment of stunning images.

The ArtMares exhibit can be seen Firday and Saturday night at 1598 Washington Street, across the street from The Bluegrass Kitchen. Friday night it’s free from 5 PM to 7 PM. Saturday the show is the centerpiece of the HallowEast Block Party, starting at 6 PM. Twenty bucks gets you unlimited access to studio with refreshments, food, drink and lots of fine Halloweenery.

After the jump, you’ll find a frightening buttload of Artmarish imagery.

Autumnal Equinox Eggs,by Keith Allen.

The Eggman himself, Keith Allen with one of his incomparable paintings.

Wild plastic found object sculpture by Jamie Powers

Heidi Richardson Evans with her amazing 3-D Ouija.

Rebecca Burch with her zombie Frida

Young Devon Woodrum in front of a wall full of her delightful monster paintings

Two cool works by Charlie Hamilton next to a collaboration between Frank Panucci and some guy

Way-cool Voodoo dolls by Vasilia Scouras

Slick and nifty work by Glen Brogan

An Imposing installation by Scott McMillian

Scott McMillian himself

Neat metalllic spider sculpture by Steffani Andrews

Many of the artists milling about what became a very large crowd

Saran Wrap Sea Serpent, by Rebecca Burch and her students at Charleston Catholic High School

Fantastic psychedelic work by Stephanie Conley, whose name I may be mangling. If so, please correct me. I loved your work.

More of Stephanie’s coolness

Work by the legendary Raymond McNamara

A spooky tryptich by Ian Bode

Finally, we wrap up with Joe Bolyard’s “Whitechapel.”

This is a killer art exhibit, and I only scratched the surface with this photo essay. You really need to get out and check out all the cool macabre artwork by some of Charleston’s finest… me.