The Halloween PopCulteer photo-essay extravaganza continues. To the right, you see Jim Lange and Al Peery of The Velvet Brothers, who lit up LiveMix Studio, along with Cousin Larry and The Spurgie Hankins Band.

We started the evening at The Book Exchange, where Tony Slack, Joe Wallace and Kevin Pauley of The No Pants Players read the works of Edgar Allen Poe. After the jump we have some pictures of that event, plus another glimpse of the LiveMix party.

It was a great night at LiveMix Studio, but I was so pooped from the events I mentioned in The PopCulteer that I didn’t take many photos, and we had to leave early, sadly missing most of the incredible Spurgie Hankins Band.

More photo essays are coming. Meanwhile check out the Friday coolness.

Joe Wallace tells us of Lenore, while Tony Slack and Jeff Bukovinsky listen, enraptured.

Kevin Pauley reads “The Raven.”

The five-piece Velvet Brothers rock the house, Latin style!