The PopCulteer
May 20, 2011

We have another terrific ArtWalk in the books, and in the blog.

We are also saddened to bring you news of the passing of Jeffrey Catherine Jones, one of the premiere fantasy artists of the last half-century.

We’re also going to take a quick look at upcoming weekend events.

But first, it’s time for ArtWalk, kicking off with some cool work by Keith Allen (that’s some of it at the right of this text). Apologies for the sparseness of the captions this month. Your PopCulteer is still stretched a bit thin.

Keith Allen at Stray Dog Antiques

Very intriciate "found art" sculpture by Keith Allen. This is some fascinating work.

The artist, himself, hanging out on Hale Street

Traci Higgenbottom at Art Emporium

K.D. Lett Photographic Productions

Spurred by the death of Osama Bin Laden, K.D. Lett pulled out photos and slides that he took on 9 11, and shortly before. He hadn't looked at most of these images in almost ten years.

K.D. reviewing slides on a light table.

Projecting an image taken at the base of The World Trade Center.

White Oak Photography

Ingeniously-framed prints by White Oak Photography

The Purple Moon featuring Sharon Lyn Stackpole

As with every month, the music and smiling faces of Tofujitsu greet visitors to The Purple Moon

Folks enjoying the new work by Sharon Lyn Stackpole.

Here are some closer looks at some of Sharon's great new work

They say that Mermaids are the new Vampires.

Modern By Design

New work by Joe Bolyard at Modern By Design

Joe Bolyard with Chuck Hamsher at The Purple Moon

Cool work by Leo Possillico at Modern By Design

Street Scenes From ArtWalko

Music on Hale Street

Rosie looks on...

WV Music Hall Of Fame in the windows at Good News Mountaineer Garage Gallery

We didn't make it into Mission Savvy this month, but the place was hoppin'

More music

Romano Associates presents William Price and Miranda Fields

Some of the very cool photography by William Price

Miranda Fields presents "Six" a series of recreations of the moments before celbrity suicides

Miranda revisits Darby Crash, of The Germs

Visions Day Spa

Work by Dawn Combs, who hung out with Melanie Larch and Me at Dr. Sketchy's last week

Taylor Books Annex Gallery presents “Modus Operandi” by Natalie Gibbs Burdette and Kristen Zammiello

Note: due to camera shakiness on the part of your PopCulteer, I did not get any good shots of Kristen’s work.  The following art is all by Natalie Gibbs Burdette. Next week’s PopCulteer will feature work by Kristen.

That is our look at ArtWalk.  Next week we will revisit “Modus Operandi” and bring you some more photos that didn’t make the cut this week.

Jeffrey Catherine Jones

The world of fantasy art lost one of its masters Thursday morning.  Jeffrey Catherine Jones passed away due to respiratory issues at the age of 67.  Hailed by Frank Frazetta as “The Greatest Living Painter,” Jones broke onto the scene in the early 1970s producing covers for sci-fi and fantasy books like Fritz Lieber’s “Fafhrd And The Gray Mauser.”  Jones also dabbled in comics, with work for Warren Publishing and even a couple of covers for DC Comics.  He landed a slot in The National Lampoon with his comic strip, “Idyl,” in which beautifully-drawn beautiful naked woman walked around talking. Later he did the similar strip, “I’m Age” for Heavy Metal.

Jones was part of the legendary group of artists known as “The Studio.” Along with Berni Wrightson, Barry Windsor Smith and Mike Kaluta, Jones became a sought-after commodity. The Studio was able to branch out into limited edition fine art prints and portfolios, and the group was at the top of their game for much of the late 1970s.  After The Studio members went their separate ways, Jones began to explore a more expressionistic style, and faded from the fantasy art scene.

In the 1990s, Jones hit a rough patch. a failed marriage, a mental breakdown and a gender-reassignment surgery left Jones homeless, penniless and unable to work. About eight years ago Jones was able to get some help and was able to start creating art again. In the last few years, Jones used Facebook to reconnect with her audience, and was very encouraging.  I’d traded a few messages with Jones, who offered very kind words about my art and Radio Free Charleston.

Filmmaker Maria Cabardo has been working on a film, “Better Things: Life Choices Of Jeffrey Jones.” A rather poignant clip shows Jones talking about being at peace with her impending death:

We’ve lost a wonderful artist, who at the end seems to have come to peace with what was an unduly troubled life.

Weekend Events

There are some great things going on in town this weekend. You have two more chances to catch The Charleston Light Opera Guild production of “The Drowsy Chaperone,” as seen on RFC 130. Friday and Saturday night at 7:30 PM at The Charleston Civic Center Little Theater.

Jonathan Tucker (seen on RFC 127) and Mark Scarpelli (seen on a ton of episodes of the show lately) will be entertaining diners at Fazio’s from 6 to 8 PM Friday night.

Blue Million (seen on RFC 129) will be performing at Bruno’s on Leon Sullivan Way
Friday starting at 9 PM. There is no cover charge.

InFormation, The Hard C’s and Chemical Valley will be at The Blue Parrot starting at 10 PM Friday, with a five-dollar cover.

Andy Park and The Kountry Katz will be sharing the bill with Jeff Ellis, both RFC guests in the past, at The Empty Glass Friday at 10:30. The cover charge is seven bucks.

Saturday night The Diablo Blues Band will be at The Boulevard Tavern, hosting a blues jam in association with the Charlie West Blues Festival.

That’s about it for this week’s PopCulteer. Next week, Cool Comics will really return, along with all of our other regular features. RFC 131 will be coming your way week after next.