One of my favorite musicians, Kate Bush, has a new album coming out…sort of. “Director’s Cut” is an album that revisits songs from two of Kate’s later albums, “The Sensual World” and “The Red Shoes,” plus a re-working of “This Woman’s Work.”  Since Kate doesn’t release a lot of music these days, even a colletion of reworked tunes is reason to celebrate, and so we will.

At the top of this post, you see the video for the original version of “The Sensual World,” which on her new album is called, “Flower Of The Mountain.”  On the original track, Kate sought permission to use part of James Joyce’s “Ulysses” in this song. The Joyce estate denied her request, but more than twenty years later, they have relented, and the song is presented as originally intended.

If you want to hear the entire album for free, head over to NPR, where they’re streaming it for free. After the jump, you can see some videos for other songs from “Director’s Cut.”