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The 2021 International Toy Fair in New York is not happening due to the pandemic.  It would have been going on as we speak, setting up today and hitting full-speed this weekend, but since it isn’t, the major toy companies are holding virtual events and making random online announcements. Funko already dropped most of their news last month and tons of news is pouring out of other companies in the next few days.

I will attempt to shine the spotlight on a few outstanding toys that are in the pipeline to come out later this year. The plan is to drop short posts whenever I can over the next several weeks.

Today we have news from Spin Master on a cool new giant Batman playset and an RC vehicle that are billed as “Bat-Tech.

Let’s just quote the press release:

Get ready for adventure after adventure after adventure with the Batman® Bat-Tech Transforming Batcave™, a child-size figure (measuring over 30 inches tall) that transforms into a playset. With 10 different areas to play, the set features interactive sounds activated by the elevator that goes up and down through the levels. The playset is compatible with the 4-inch figures and comes with an exclusive Batman figure. Fall 2021, Age: 4+, SRP: $99.99

The All-Terrain RC Batmobile can cruise through just about anything and on any surface thanks to its performance tires. Mud, grass, and snow are not an issue, and it can even drive on water.  The All-Terrain RC Batmobile features bright blue accent lines and a sweet design that blends a sleek cockpit with a monster truck-style aesthetic, making this the perfect Batmobile for just about any occasion. The All-Terrain RC Batmobile is compatible with Spin Master’s 4 inch figures. Fall 2021, Age: 4+, SRP: $49.99 

These are two cool-looking new toys, and they are compatible with the 4-inch figures, which are popular with kids, adult collectors and parents who don’t have a lot of room. Check out the photos below.

We’ll be looking at more cool stuff from Spin Master over the weekend, and look for lots more toy coverage in PopCult in the coming weeks.

The Batcave Playset doubles as 30" tall figure.

The Batcave Playset doubles as 30″ tall figure.

Open him up and you have a huge Batcave playset.

From there, the Caped Crusader can patrol Gotham City in this unassuming car that blends right in with other traffic.