With your PopCulteer tied up with a magazine deadline, today seems as good a day as any to spring some long-lost audio on my readers.

Back in the early years of PopCult, when we were hosted at the Charleston Gazette, I used to regularly post music, some of it was my own compositions, but mostly these were songs by other local artists.  At the time, you could click on the song title and a little player would drop down and play the song.

During one of our frequent server moves and redesigns, the plug-in that played that audio fell by the wayside, and I thought most of that music was lost. But when I ported all my content over to our new location, quite a bit of it resurfaced. So today we’re going to give you a listen to a great lost PopCult album, featuring music from  Under The Radar, Three Bodies, The HeyDays, Whistlepunk, 69 Fingers, Mel Larch and yours truly.

At some point, I’ll go back and fix the original posts, but that’ll be when I’m not so busy.

First up we have a tune by The HeyDays, which was Douglas Imbrogno and Paul Calicoat. We originally posted this song in December, 2006. It was recorded at LiveMix Studio, produced and engineered by Brian Young, and it’s a take on the traditional tune, “Shady Grove.” We featured this same performance in the RFC video show, but that video used the camera audio, with no production and didn’t sound as good as this version…


PopCult’s partner-in-crime, Melanie Larch

Later that month the first RFC Christmas Show featured Mel Larch (you ought to know who she is by now), singing “Ave Maria” accapella, on the fire escape outside LiveMix.

Of course, Mel is now Mrs. PopCulteer, and she still has the voice of an angel.

This was a huge hit on our first Christmas show, and is still one of our most-watched music videos.

We also posted the audio from that…


In April, 2007 I randomly posted a remastered recording of the legendary band, Clownhole, recorded live at The Charleston Playhouse in 1989. Here’s a soundboard-to-cassette version of “Old Man Jumping Over A Fence.”


Also in that month, we brought you a performance of Bob Dylan’s “All Along The Watchtower” by Under The Radar.

Rusty, Bill and Mark tore through this version of the classic rock song while warming up for their performance on episode 17 of Radio Free Charleston.


In May, 2007, Whistlepunk 2.0 treated us to a preview of their song, “Outshine.”  Whistlepunk 2.0 was Spencer Elliott, Dan Jordan, Brian Young and Karen Allen.


In December, 2015 I uploaded this song by 69 Fingers.  For some reason I never posted it in the blog, but I did feature the band in our Christmas episode that year. Anyway, this is one of the audio files that managed to survive, so here it is. I’m not sure of the title. If you know, feel free to share it in the comments.


This next file got shuffled around so much that I can’t ascertain when it was originally posted, but here we find Three Bodies (Jon “Kris” Cormany, Brian Lucas and Brian Young), with a demo recording produced by the band with  Spencer Elliott and your humble blogger back in 1992.

Three Bodies booked time in Pat Arnold’s recording studio above Gorby’s Music in South Charleston, and invited Spencer and me in as extra ears. Spencer brought the musical and engineering expertise, and I got the band into The Empty Glass for several hours one Saturday before they opened, so they could rehearse four songs over and over and over. I took particular interest in one song (“Shingles and Tar”) and two of the other songs were fully realized by the band already.

This one was more of Spencer’s baby, in terms of arrangment and production. It’s called “Gardens of Hope.”


Finally we have one of my goofy instrumental midi compositions. This one is called “Stompy” and it’s the only one of several tunes I posted to the blog. Many of them were wiped out in what is thought by many to be a merciful act of God. However, I still have copies of them all, and they will be restored…just as soon as we start having 36 hour days.