The PopCulteer
August 14, 2009

Photo Essay Time!

I had lots of stuff to do this week and I’m pretty exhausted and addled, so today’s PopCulteer is a self-indulgent photo essay, mainly comprised of pictures from my quick vacation to Pittsburgh.

If you watched this week’s RFC, you may have noticed that I sort of went Hollywood. I didn’t go out and get an agent or plastic surgery or a fancy new car (well, I did get a new car). In this week’s episode of Radio Free Charleston, when it came time to shoot our host segments on Charleston’s West Side, I did what any Hollywood Studio would do–I shot them in Pittsburgh, just like that Mothman movie.

After the jump you’ll see some behind the scenes photos of our host segment shoot and a couple of other Pittsburgh trip pictures. Before that, though, I’m posting pics of a couple of cool events.

No Pants Players

The NPP have a show Saturday night at the La Belle Theater. Two new members debut.

Dog Days

This very cool multi-artist show opens during Art Walk next week. I am very excited to have two pieces in this exhibit, my first work in a gallery show in more than two decades.I’ll have more info on this show next week.

Mount Washington

This is the scenic overlook where we shot host segments for RFC 78.

This is what we were standing on. You ride up “The Incline” to get there.

The Ginoids

Your PopCulteer with nephew, Gino, in Applebee’s

Your PopCulteer again, with niece, Gina, at Tanger Outlet Mall

Frownie Brownie

At King’s Family Restaurant, we were mightily amused by “The Frownie Brownie”

We were totally cracked up by “The Angry Mob”

Using whipped cream from a milkshake, we converted one Frownie Brownie into a food portrait of local artist Mark Wolfe..if you look at it just right

Next Week

That’s it for this week. Next week, the “Cool Comic Of The Week” leaves Friday for a new regular spot on Tuesdays as a stand-alone post in PopCult.