Up above you see “Kirby Captain America Shirt,” the latest, and longest, episode of Radio Free Charleston. If you’re seeing raw code (it happens sometimes, probably due to sunspots) go to this link where you can watch the show.

In this week’s RFC you get tons of music from Tofujitsu (Sean Richardson and Karen Allen) and former Mountain Stage band member, and legendary violinist, Deni Bonet. Our animation is by Nina Paley, an excerpt from her feature film, “Sita Sings The Blues.”

Host segments were shot on the West Side of Charleston, on a little-traveled scenic outlook. Really. Would I lie to you?

Tofujitsu recently unveiled their debut CD, “One Man’s Trash,” and we have the title track from that disc on this week’s show. Sean Richardson and Karen Allen are regulars on RFC, and it’s a kick to see them release their first CD. They’re joined by Deron Sodaro and Mark Davis on this tune.

Mark and Deron also play on “Winged Cyclops” over the end credits, and the band is also aided on this atmospheric piece by Mark Beckner.

Our animation is a clip from “Sita Sings The Blues” by Nina Paley. I posted this entire feature film and wrote about it extensively here in PopCult a couple of weeks ago. Go check it out.

Headlining this week’s show is Deni Bonet, whom I met so long ago that it wouldn’t be polite to mention it here. Deni was a mainstay of The Mountain Stage Band, and a member of Stark Raven. Since venturing out into the world, she has played in support of REM Robyn Hitchcock, Sarah McLachlan and scores of other world-class artists.

Deni has also continued to create her own original music. She’s bringing that music to LiveMix Studio on Saturday, August 15 at 8PM. We’ll be on hand to help record this show for a possible DVD release. It’ll be great to see Deni again. You can check out an interview with Deni by Bill Lynch here in The Gazz.

We have Deni performing her show-stopper, “Alone,” live from The Living Room in New York City.

That’s our show this week. If our notes seem abbreviated, it’s because I managed to squeeze in a brief birthday-week vacation, and I’m pulling an all-nighter to get the show online by Thursday morning. Also, don’t expect much in The PopCulteer this week. I got stuff to do. Other stuff than usual.