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Bored With Football?

Well then, go watch the sneak preview of Episode Fourteen of Radio Free Charleston, “Spider-man Shirt,” right here.  It’s not officially online until tomorrow, but if you get tired of sitting through all that football action so you can see the cool commercials, give it a shot.  You’re special, because you get to see it a day early!

This episode features a classic video from Go Van Gogh, performing “Shut Up, I Love You,” which was the most-requested song on the radio version of RFC, back in the Mesozoic era.  We also have the brand-new video for the Fanatomy song “I Hate Your God.”  It’s a great song that you’ll be singing around the office, which could be a problem if you work at a church. 

Plus you get to see “Marvel Jackass.”   Detailed production notes will be spread over the next few days, so check back at PopCult.

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  1. Fred Martin

    Wow wee! Here I volunteer to work Super Bowl Sunday, and not only do they set it up so I can have a TV in here to see my team win, but afterwards I get to see a brand new Radio Free!

    Great show. I had to get the security guard to come watch Marvel Jackass. Cool music, too. Too bad they drug test here, or I could get the full effect of the show.

    Hope you have another one ready for the next weekend or holiday I have to work!

    Oh, and The MOON RULZ!

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