In anticipation of episode 14 of Radio Free Charleston, which goes live on Monday with music from Fanatomy and Go Van Gogh, as well as the short film “Marvel Jackass” and part one of an epic Pentagram Flowerbox, we present Go Van Gogh performing a different song.  This video was shot by me in 1990 at The Levee, and shows an expanded six-man Go Van Gogh ripping through a cover of The Beatles’ version of Larry William’s “Slowdown.”  Of note is the addition of Mark Mangrone on keyboards and an unnamed player to be identified later on bongos.  They join the regular line of Mark and Stephen Beckner and John and Tim Rock.  On Monday, you can see Go Van Gogh with the vintage video for “Shut Up, I Love You” on Radio Free Charleston.  For now, here’s “Slowdown” with a killer guitar solo by Stephen.