While we were at the Marx Toy Convention in Wheeling the weekend before last, we found out about a cool new feature at the The Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum.  Lodgers can now rent the Yellow Caboose they have on the grounds for an overnight stay.

The Caboose can accomodate four adults and one child, and can be rented for $200 a night. Guests have full access to the museum, and can cross the parking lot for a additional accomodations, including a bathroom, shower and lounge.

Designed to be a unique lodging experience for a family or small group, the air-conditioned Caboose offers the experience of sleeping like the overnight train crews did back in the day. The Caboose itself has four full-sized bunks, an eating area, and two seats you can climb up to so you can look out of the windows of the cupola.

Themed bedding is available, and this could make for a special experience for a die-hard train buff.

To find out more about how you could book a night in the Caboose, message them through their Facebook page, or call them at (304) 242-8133.

We snuck in to grab a few photos while they were getting it ready for a visit.

The familiar site to visitors of the Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum is now a fun place to spend a night or two.

Though small, it’s not cramped, and the inside is filled with cool railroad memorabilia.

One of the comfy bunks in the process of being made.

You can climb up in the cupola to relax and look around.

Cool vintage lanterns and photos are everywhere.

Guests have their choice of themed bedding.

A nice dining area can be converted into a child-sized extra bunk.

An antique stove completes the authentic railroad vibe.

We take one last look inside the cozy cabin on steel wheels and rails.