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Fiesta Frenzy In Newell, WV

We had a bit of a plate party during our trip North the week before last. I’m not talking about a presidential tantrum or anything like that. Your PopCulteer and his lovely wife, Mel Larch, diverted from our trip to The Marx Toy Convention to head even further North to the site of the former Homer Laughlin China Company in Newell. Now renamed “The Fiesta Tableware Company,” this is were they make FiestaWare, the beloved, colorful household china that delights collectors and people with enlightened tastes worldwide.

On the grounds of the Homer Laughlin factory complex we found the legendary Fiesta Tableware Company Factory Outlet Store. This is much like the store in Flatwoods, only about five or six times the size, with a gigantic “seconds” room filled with mildly-imperfect bargain pieces.

As we discovered, there is a second “seconds” room filled with mildly imperfect Hall restaurant china, as well.

We got lots of cool stuff for the house, and I took loads of photos, as did Mel. We took so many photos that you will get a second photo essay of FiestaWare next week. I’m still dealing with some blogging issues that are limiting the amount of pictures I can include in one post, so this week, all the photos, save one, are by me. Next week most of them will be by Mel.

Tomorrow the plan is to wrap up most of our photo essays with one devoted to a unique lodging experience and another filled with random leftover shots, but remember that we still have another look at the FiestaWare Outlet Store up our sleeve.

Now, let’s go into a Fiesta frenzy…

The promised land…

The first thing that caught my eye was the new Sugar Skull plates, now with the design on their “Twilight” color.

Cool stuff along one side of the main store.

Cool stuff along the opposite wall, maybe a hundred feet away.

I regret that I didn’t get more in-focuse photos of the middle of the store.

This way to the main reason for the trip…

Thousands of plates, mugs, baking dishes and everything else they make, with mild imperfections at a fraction of the regular price.

The cool thing about buying factory seconds is that you don’t feel awful if they get a knick or scratch from everyday use. And these plates are perfect for everyday use because they’re built like tanks.

A quick look at the price board. Not everything on the board was in the room, but most of it was.

They even had overstock of some colors of their perfect pieces for sale.

And we leave you with a look at the main store, as seen leaving the seconds room. You’ll get another photo essay from here next week, with all-different images.

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  1. Thomas Wheeler

    Plates at bargain prices, that can withstand everyday use? Can’t argue with that!

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