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Catching Up with RFC Guests LIVE this weekend! Plus more!

The latest episode of Radio Free Charleston is ONLINE NOW! This is our 38th show, “Captain America Shirt” featuring music by Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen From Mars with Joe Slack and The Spurgie Hankins Band (whose myspace addy I misspelled onscreen, sorry guys).There’s also a commercial for the Chevrolet Corvair and some animation from Mars. Production notes will go up at PopCult later today.

Also, You can catch several great RFC bands performing live this weekend:
Captain Crash and The Beauty Queen will be at the La Belle Theater Friday night with Joe Slack and RFC vets Seven Minutes Till Midnight, plus future RFC guest Jordan Searls.That show starts at 5:45 PM and runs until 9. Admission is five dollars

Meanwhile you can catch RFC vets InFormation at the Brickhouse with future RFC performers Virginia Street.Also on the bill is Vintage Tone. Five bucks gets you in the door, starting at 7 PM

Also, I’ve been a busy boy of late.  In case you missed them, here are links to my recent reviews of albums by Joe Jackson and Ringo Starr.  If you were paying attention to NewSounds like a good little Gazzblog fan, you already read these! 

You can also read my article on Rock N Roll trading cards from the latest issue of Non Sport Update!   That’s the cover over there on the left, with Iron Man flying through the air.  I didn’t write the Iron Man article, but I do plan to see the movie.

After you watch episode 38, don’t forget to go watch Episode 37 of Radio Free Charleston, featuring music by Blue Million and Lady D. It’s still online, and it’s still really good.

And now, more links for your perusal:

Captain Crash and The Beauty Queen performed (as Aurora) on RFC 22, and were seen on RFC 29.

Joe Slack performed on RFC 25.

Seven Minutes Till Midnight performed on RFC 24 and RFC 28.

InFormation also appeared on RFC 24, and will probably turn up again in late April or early May.

So get busy watching and reading all that good stuff, and feel free to leave comments and shower me with love and good tidings.


  1. Elvis Capone

    Just so you know, Ringo Starr wrote the Iron Man article.

  2. Emily

    Thank You So Much Rudy. Sounds like you been through some hard times yourself. You had mentioned an additional art show. I am now in touch with some pros in the underground skateboarding industry in So Cal and they are starting to call me. We may be able to get some art in from them or they may have an art, sk8 and music thing out West. Trying to work things out.
    Still seizing,

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