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Radio Free Charleston Number 38: News and Notes

The latest episode of Radio Free Charleston is ONLINE NOW! This is our 38th show, “Captain America Shirt” featuring music by Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen From Mars with Joe Slack and The Spurgie Hankins Band(whose myspace addy I misspelled onscreen, sorry guys).There’s also a commercial for the Chevrolet Corvair and some animation from Mars.

The show sports location footage from The Blue Parrot, Capitol Roasters, Capitol Street, and The Quarrier Building, home of LiveMix Studio.  I know this is two episodes in a row where we used The Quarrier Building for some of our host segments, but it was the second week in a row where the weather simply did not cooperate.

We captured The Spurgie Hankins Band at The Blue Parrot, during the benefit for Emily Gunter-Haynes, which you can read about here.  You can read about an ongoing art benefit here.  I also need to apologize to Spurgie and the boys again for mis-spelling their MySpace address on the screen during the intro and their song.  Click on the link above to go to their webpage.  I’ve been trying to get Spurgie on the show for some time, but we could never make our schedules connect.  Luckily, in addition to “Bullets and Fire,” I was able to snag two additional tunes that will be seen on future editions of RFC.

Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen From Mars with Joe Slack perform their song, “Letters.”  This was recently featured as a Song of the Day over at the Soundcheck blog, and you’ll hear why on this show.  Its’ a great song. Unfortunately, we had a huge audio glitch when we recorded it live at Capitol Roasters so we had to take the live video and transform it into a “Music Video.”  I used the audio from Jonathon, Laura, and Joe’s demo in place of live recording, and I think it came out pretty good.  I would have rather have used the actual live recording, but it would have had to have been re-taped, and that would have meant waiting to get this song on the show. Since Jonathon, Laura and Joe (plus Seven Minutes Till Midnight and Jordan Searls) are playing a show TONIGHT at the La Belle Theater, I thought it’d be timely to include this song this week.  The kids will also be at Books A Million Saturday from 2 PM to 4 PM.

Our animation comes from the US Government, thanks to a FOIA filing.  It’s amazing the stuff that happens here in West Virginia that we don’t even know about.

With this episode, Radio Free Charleston welcomes a new Sponsor….the 1963 Chevrolet Corsair Monza Sedan!  We struck a unique advertising deal with them.  We will actually get a cut of their profits, after all the lawsuits are settled.  I hope you enjoy seeing The 1963 Chevrolet Monza Sedan, the official flaming deathtrap of Radio Free Charleston.  You can pretend that you’re a famous Hollywood star like Ernie Kovacs, with the wind whipping past your neck as you fly down the highway in your Corvair Monza!

If the production notes seem a little disjointed (and late) this time, there’s a reason.  We are in the middle of attempting to do something that we’ve tried and failed at a few times before with Radio Free Charleston.  We are smack dab in the middle of delivering four episodes in four weeks!  The pace is exhilarating and exhausting (especially considering we don’t get paid for this) and this marks the first time that I’ve written production notes for an episode after shooting the host segments for the next episode.  We were at The Empty Glass during Happy Hour last night shooting the wrap-arounds for next week’s show (keep your fingers crossed for Tuesday).  Episode 39 will be a nostalgia-soaked show featuring Three Bodies and Strawfyssh, recorded live at The Empty Glass in November 1990.

So go watch the new show, and sit in front of your computers and wait until Tuesday so you can be the first to see the next one!


  1. Elvis Capone

    Aww, poor Ernie Kovacs. His death was epically unfortunate. It happened on a blustery 1962 day. He pulled his Corvair Monsoon to the curb, parked it, stepped out, lit a cigar, and was stabbed in the neck by the young Ann Coulter, who was only twenty-three years old at the time. No charges were filed because she ran away really fast.

    Kovacs’ last words were “Blurgedy blurgedy blurgedy blurg”.

  2. Mexican Romeo

     I never thought I’d say this, but you’re making these shows too fast!  I almost missed this one, and it has Spurgie in it! God I hope you have more of him in the coming shows. That is some killer music. 

  3. Mountain Woman Phd.

     What a wonderful show!  That song by Captain Crash was so sweet.  Spurgie is a genius! The car commercials were strange, but fun. 

    You are doing an amazing job.  I just with the Gazette would acknowledge your show more.  I almost missed these last few episodes.

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