Charlton Comics Classics

Regular readers of PopCult should be well aware by now of your PopCulteer’s admiration and enjoyment of the Charlton Neo movement. Charlton Comics was sort of the “shadow comic book company” that operated on the fringe of the industry as a self-contained unit that handled their own editorial, printing, and distribution. Their comics had a certain funkiness to them because of the weird printing and the fact that they didn’t pay anywhere near the comic industry’s top rates.

However what they lacked in budget, they made up for in creative freedom, youthful exuberance, and fan enthusiasm. Sadly, Charlton Comics floated belly-up to the top of the comic book company bowl in 1985. Over the past couple of years, the Charlton Neo movement has resurrected the spirit and sense of fun of the original Charlton Comics but 2018 has become a year of regrouping, following their flirtation with the Diamond Comic distribtion system.

That hasn’t stopped the folks at Charlton Neo from celebrating the legacy of the original Charlton though. They’ve released several collections that bring back some of the lost classics of the Charlton Comics line, with enhanced production and high-quality printing. These stories in Violent Crime and Rocky Jones have been reproduced from the vintage comics of over 60 years ago. Attempts have been made to clean up the pages to make them look as close to the original printed experience as possible, flaws and all. The Billy The Kid collections have new coloring by Mort Todd, and look absolutely spectacular. These are our next slection in The 2018 PopCult Gift Guide.

These will make the perfect gift for the comics connoisseur on your holiday shopping list. You can find a launching page that will take you to all these comics and more HERE, or you can click on the indvidual titles to go directly to the Amazon page to order them.

VIOLENT CRIME Volume 1: Is a collection of Charlton Comics most shocking pre-Code crime comics. Among the stories included are:  “GETTING A-HEAD,” a sinister switch on the old triangle problem. This one is slightly different in that one loses his head over a woman, causing the other one to literally lose his head! From Lawbreakers Suspense Stories #10, January, 1953;  “ROUND-TRIP TICKET” takes you on a stormy bus ride through limbo… and it may teach you to keep a civil tongue in your mouth! From Lawbreakers Suspense Stories #11, March, 1953;  “EXPLOSIVE!” a story that ends with a bang and may leave you in pieces! From Lawbreakers Suspense Stories #11, March, 1953.

There are several more delightfully lurid stories included, plus a cover gallery. This is a great gift for the crime buff and comics fan on your gift list.

John Severin’s Billy The Kid Volume 1 and Volume 2

Return to those thrilling days of yesteryear when the Old West was wild and when Western comics proliferated the media landscape! Here are two voumes presenting a collection of Charlton Comics BILLY THE KID series drawn by one of the industry’s greatest illustrators, JOHN SEVERIN. All pages shot from Charlton’s original printing sources and recolored by Severin’s former editor and collaborator MORT TODD.

These are two thrilling 64 page collections for all cowboy and Severin fans! Also features an article on the artist along with a biographical comic strip by RUSS HEATH plus an original cover gallery!

Rocky Jones Space Ranger Volume 1

ROCKY JONES, Space Ranger Volume 1 is A 64 page collection of Charlton Comics adaptation of the beloved classic 1950s TV show, presented by ex-Charlton editor and E-Man co-creator NICK CUTI! Here’s what you have to look forward to:

From SPACE ADVENTURES #15 March, 1955: SPACE INFANTRY The secret origin of Rocky Jones and how he joined the Space Rangers. VELOCITY X Professor Newton devises an incredible new rocket fuel but is betrayed by his assistant who steals it to use against the United Worlds of the Solar System! SPACE FACTS Information on the real-life Rocky Jones Silvercup Rocket that traveled America in the 1950s! INVENTIONS OF TOMORROW Some of these ideas from the mid-20th century are now fact!

You’ll find more cool Charlton reprints, and some classics from other publishers, too. Just visit the Charlton Neo website for more information.