Local Spotlight: Two Tinkers Jewelry and Fine Art

Our local pick today in The 2018 PopCult Gift Guide is a cool boutique, tucked away on the third floor of the Oddfellows Building (717 Lee St Rm 307), that sells custom made jewelry, art and knacks of the knick variety, plus they offer workshops on creating art, painting and other cool stuff.

The Two Tinkers are Mary Ellen Terry Baughman and Rebecca Luann Hemsworth, and they’ve been selling their wares at fairs and festivals and conventions for years, but finally made the leap to setting up shop in Downtown Charleston. They sell their own creations as well as works made by other local artists like Cindy Sarkany, and it has a unique charm that can make the perfect gift for the hard-to-shop-for person on your holiday gift list.

Their work has the air of the mystic, cosmic, karmic, macabre and enlightened to it, and they also sell vintage pieces that compliment the very cool attitude of the shop.

You can check out their Facebook page and get an idea of what kind of cool stuff they have to offer.

The Two Tinkers is open Tuesday through Friday, 11 AM to 7 PM, and I’m guessing they’ll also take part in the Black Friday Artwalk next week. If you can’t make up your mind to which of their offerings would make the best gift, they also offer gift certificates in any denomination (seen below), so that the person on your gift list will get the experience of visiting and enjoying this cool little boutique on their own.