The PopCulteer
October 5, 2018

A week ago your PopCulteer arrived back home after spending most of the week in Chicago. This was part two of mine and Mel Larch’s anniversary trip, and we had a blast, even though I returned to a ton of outside assignments that had to be taken care of immediately.

That’s why it’s taken me a week to post these photos.  Later this weekend I will post my review of the play we saw (at Steppenwolf, one of the most-respected theaters in the world, and coincidentally, where your PopCulteer and his wife got married), and next week you might get a couple of bonus photo essays from our trip. You’ll get teasers for those below.

After the photo essay, we have a couple of brief news items, so follow it all the way down, okay.

Next week, with any luck, The AIR will feature all-new afternoon music programming, including the return of Herman Linte to Prognosis, and more great local music on Radio Free Charleston. You can always listen to our sister internet station at The AIR website, or on the embedded player that you will find at the bottom of this post.

Now, on with the photos…

The anniversary couple (about a month late) just up the street from where we got married.


We found the place in The Loop where they buried Roger Ebert (not really).


We took in a couple of games at Wrigley so Mel could see her Cubs. This was why we had to go to Yankee Stadium in August. I had to see my team play first. I’ve been a fan longer.

We stayed in a new hotel this trip (Hampton Inn McCormick Place) and out the window we could see a handy L Station, White Castle, and beyond that, the architectural wonders of the Hilliard Apartments, and then… Chinatown.

While waiting to hop the train home, we spent about an hour getting our toes wet in Chinatown.

It was a blast, and we plan to devote a whole day to shopping and sight-seeing there when we return to Chicago in December.

The view from our hotel window shows a vibrant neighborhood, and from here you can see a tree, which is in a garden next to the Legendary Chess Records.

We took the tour of this place where Chuck Berry, Etta James and Bo Diddly recorded their biggest hits, and I’ll bring you photos of that next week.

One last look from our hotel window at the famous Chicago Skyline, partially obscured by clouds. You can see the building formerly known as “The Hancock Tower” disappear in the mist in the middle of the picture.

Will Vinton, R.I.P.

Sad news from the world of animation as yesterday the passing of Claymation pioneer, Will Vinton, was announced by his family. The creator of The California Raisins and many great short films had been quietly dealing with cancer for more than the last decade.

PopCult had no idea of that a few weeks ago when we featured documentaries about him and samples of his work in Sunday Evening Videos. You can see that post HERE.

Sad Mad Glad: The Musical

This show opened last week, while we were out of town, and I didn’t get a chance to plug it. You have a few more chances to see the CYAC production of Sad Mad Glad: The Musical at their new performance space in the Charleston Town Center this weekend.

Especially for ages 7 and under, but fun for everyone. Four Dolphins Press and Contemporary Youth Arts Company have teamed up to create, Sad Mad Glad: The Musical.

Mark Scarpelli and Dan Kehde’s musical adaptation of Chuck Stump and Jim Strawn’s children’s books, Sad, Mad, Glad, debuted on September 27, 2018. A dozen new songs with titles such as “Your Eyes, Your Nose, Your Skin, Your Toes,” “Why, Why, Why” and “Pozz-itivity” pack this hour-long jaunt written for the 7 and under crowd.

Attitude is everything! And, just like academics, attitude and character are learned. The Sad Mad Glad Book  won the 2008 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards Gold Medal. Using vivid photos and a fun, rhyming text that incorporates American folk wisdom and popular body idioms, The Sad Mad Glad Book helps teach children life lessons by taking something they already know – their body parts, and linking them to positive thoughts and behaviors. Anyone that enjoys molding young minds will find the unique format of this book helps children share feelings and build self-esteem while they’re having fun!

Another Sad Mad Glad Book-The Anatomy of Your Attitude picks up where The Sad Mad Glad Book left off. Recognized as 2009 Outstanding Book of the Year – Most Inspirational to Youth, by Independent Publisher, it uses even more body idioms and American folk wisdom to help children of all ages learn and reinforce the benefits of possessing a positive attitude and making smart choices in life. With the same look and feel of the original, Another Sad Mad Glad Book will lead to hours of thought-provoking conversation between adults and the special children in their lives.

Sad Mad Glad: The Musical
CYAC Theater in the Town Center Mall, 2nd floor
Charleston, WV
Show performances are:
7:00 PM October 5, 6
2:00 PM October 6, 7
Tickets are $15.00 per adult and $8 for student. $5 for 6 and under.

Call 304-541-4756 for more information.


Here’s that handy embedded player so you can tune in and listen to reruns of some very, very well-done radio shows this weekend (except for Radio Free Charleston, which was new, and which you can read about HERE).


And that is it for this week’s PopCulteer. Check back for our regular features and look for a bonus post this weekend with a theatre review.