From April, 2012 we find Radio Free Charleston 155, “Love Robot Shirt,” featuring music is from The Amorous, Godmode Broadway and Dual Core, plus the return of Stark Charleston. Host segments were shot in the parking lot of the WV Division of Tourism in South Charleston.

Our first musical guest on this week’s show was Clarksburg’s The Amorous. An indie-pop band with spiritual leaning.s We recorded the band live during Charcon in 2011, and assembled this video using audio enhanced with a studio recording.

Godmode Broadway (seen right) was an exciting band that was hard to pigeonhole, musically. They jumped between progressive rock, metal, reggae, surf and any other style they felt like playing–sometimes during a single song. The band was made up of Billy Freedom on vocls, Will Smoot on guitar, Steve Walker on bass, Ben Lamb on drums and our old friend, Synth-master,David Synn. Sadly, this band burned brightly, then went their separate ways, but it was great while it lasted, and making this video with them was a high point of RFC.

Playing us out this week we went to Charcon, or more specifically to Hack3rcon, for nerdcore rapper, DualCore, with “This One’s For You.” This also a fun shoot, and broadened the musical scope of the show a bit. You can read the original production notes for this episode HERE.