While your PopCulteer heads off to both JoeLanta in Atlanta and PowerCon/MEGO Meet in Columbus this weekend, we still have some cool stuff to share from The Kentuckiana GI Joe Toy Expo. Today we’re going to bring you photos of the cool custom figures and dioramas created by Cindy Scott, a proud member of the Sixth Scale Collector’s Club of Ohio.

Working with other customizers around Cinncinnati, Cindy has created and customized some extremely cool figures, vehicles and dioramas, and today we’re going to check these out.

I grabbed a quick photo while Cindy was setting up, before she had these incredible dioramas fully populated.

These are only part of the cool figures she had on display.

Plus there was a small motor pool.

Scott’s Military Surplus.

A tremendous level of detail is packed into this scene.

Plus it’s a great way to use all the cool military stuff a GI Joe collector ends up accumulating.

With this log cabin we can see even more cool detail work. Cindy built most of the furniture in these dioramas herself.

Eye-popping detail on the wood-working bench.

More detail in the rest of the cabin.

My favorite is this astonishing mad scientist laboratory.

It’s like a classic horror movie come to life.

Cindy built the tables with metal surfaces, and collected a cool array of 1/6 scale science objects.

Again, the detail is just mind-blowing.

We’ll wrap this up with the lab monkey, tucked away under the table.

If you like what you see here, be sure to check out the Sixth Scale Collector’s Club of Ohio at their website, or at Facebook.