img_0309The PopCulteer
June 9 , 2017

Another week has passed and your PopCulteer is choosing to take the easy way out. I could write a lengthy essay about how misguided the West Virginia State Legislature’s budget proposals are, or I could address the mess we currently have in Washington. I could rail against the demons and inequities facing our world.

Or I could post more pictures of cool stuff that I saw last weekend at WonderFest USA. You know, like Robot B-9 over to the right.

There are enough words being spent on those other topics. Let’s stick with the fun stuff for now.

In previous years, I would have posted two or three huge photo essays that would have covered everything we saw at WonderFest, and been done with it. Now, the blogging software here at PopCult will not allow me to do that. Once I include more than ten images in a post, it goes all screwy, so I’m left posting tons of little photo essays. I’m going to try and get these finished over the weekend so that PopCult does not become too monotonous.

Today I’m going to post random coolness that didn’t fit into any of the previous catagories that I brought you. Then I’ll tell you about our weekend radio stuff at the end.

WonderFest USA Random Coolness


One of the amazing tabletop dioramas on display.


“Be seeing you.” A great model of Patrick McGoohan as The Prisoner. The face paint was great, but the flash makes it look all weird. You need to see it in person.


A really cool shadowbox…


…and the werewolf scene inside.


Some of the nice ladies on display.


I have no idea what this is from, but it cracked me the hell up.


A mini-diorama depicts a scene from Wall-E


We leave you with this epic trio of coolosity from Dave Prosser.

On The AIR

air-6-6-17Cool, yet obscure, internet radio continues all weekend long on The AIR. Listen at the website, or on this nifty little embedded radio thingy…

Friday we offer up our usual line up, this week boasting new episodes of Radio Coolsville at 5 PM and a full hour of  The Third Shift at 9 PM.  Most of our Haversham Recording Institute programming is in reruns due to the staff providing reporting services in the wake of the Manchester tragedy. Herman Linte and Sydney Fileen will return as soon as possible.

Saturday we re-present all of our specialty music programs from the prior week beginning at 7 AM. At 7 PM it’s time for The BS Crazy Show and at Midnight it’s Radio Free Charleston all night long.

Sunday we have a special block of programming in honor of the 2017 Tony Awards that will be broadcast on CBS Sunday night. Beginning at Noon you can hear a mini-marathon of Curtain Call, hosted by Mel Larch. This kicks off with a show dedicated to the 2017 nominess for best musical, and also includes other recent shows that concern Broadway’s big night.

That’s it for this week’s PopCulteer. Keep checking back for more cool WonderFest mini-photo essays, and maye even some video, as the weekend progresses.