Last year Mark Evanier linked to my post about the dire straits into which Radio Shack–once the mecca for electronic geeks–had fallen.  I mainly wrote about how customer service had deteriorated to the point where most of their workers probably had trouble spelling their names, let alone helping you find the proper gauge of speaker wire. 

Evidently that struck a chord.  For most of last year, if you Googled “Radio Shack” my name, thanks to Mark’s link, came up five times in the top ten.  It was my fifteen megabytes of fame on the web. Other stories about Radio Shack’s sinking fortunes have bounced me down several pages now, but Mark may soon be propelled back into Radio Shack infamy by association. 

He’s uncovered a new reason not to ever shop at Radio Shack–this one with sinister overtones.  Check it out here.  And while you’re there, surf the rest of Mark’s site. It’s one of my everyday stops on the net.