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Cool Rabbit Suit Stunt Of The Week

I tend not to write much about the Regatta here in PopCult because, well……
I’ve sort of got this history with the Regatta. But I may venture out to a couple of Regatta events this year, if the rain doesn’t wipe out this dinosaur of a festival. One of those will be the funeral parade. Kevin Pauley, of No Pants Players, IWA East Coast, Kanawha Players and American Heart Association fame, sends word that Kanawha Players will be participating in the parade in a special way this year. They’re going to promote their upcoming production of the classic play, “Harvey,” about a man and his imaginary pal, a six-foot rabbit.According to Kevin: “We will have two of our volunteers dressed up as white rabbits and about 10 volunteers wearing shirts that read “Have you met my friend, Harvey?” to help promote the October production of “Harvey.” They’ll be tossing out Mardi Gras beads and flyers for the show offering “buy one, get one free” admissions!”

So there you have your heads up, people. Go to the funeral parade, look for the giant rabbits, and then get a flyer from one of the attendant rabbit-groupies. You can get two tickets to see a great local production of a classic play for the price of one! Plus, there will be beads!

If you can’t make it out to the funeral parade, you can find a copy of the flyer, with the two-for-one discount, exclusively for PopCult readers by following the jump….


  1. Elvis Capone

    You know what would be good: RADIO FREE CHARLESTON pogs! Pogs are great. My collection used to be huge. I lost all my pogs to a traveling pog shark. I complained to his companion that he misrepresented himself as a pog novice, and she punched me. She said I shouldn’t be threatening an eight-year-old.

    Anyway, RFC POGS!!!

  2. Harv E Rabbit

    Pogs?? Is that a new strain of carrots? Anyway…
    On Saturday my wife Bunny and myself went to the funeral parade. As far as we could tell, this is the first year that our kind have participated in this event. We were running late (as usual) and found ourselves hopping up Capitol St. towards Davis Park. Well, people were lining the street, and many turned to say hello to us! Might I say, we found the good people of Charleston quite nice and very friendly!
    As we drew closer to Davis Park, we noticed many unusual sights. There were ghouls, belly dancers, even Marilyn Merlot!
    We met up with our rabbit groupies and after much foot thumping, hopping and nose twitching, prepared to join in the funeral parade. Funny thing, no one knew who had died, and it seemed no one cared! Any excuse for a party, right Elwood?
    Finally the music started and we began hopping down Capitol St. passing out beads and flyers to one and all. We would stop every now and then and do a little dance. It was a grand time! But,as we neared the boulivard, I noticed the fences on either side of us getting narrower! They may have been like that to keep the parade away from the tour bus that was parked there, but just ask any rabbit and he’ll tell you that fences getting narrower usually spells a trap of some sort!
    I sounded the alert to the bunny crew and Bunny and I dodged away, but I’m afraid some of them went on in anyway. I do hope they are ok.
    On a lighter note, Kanawha Players have began production of my the story of my good friend, Mr. Elwood P. Dowd entitled ‘Harvey’ This time-tested Pulitzer Prize-winning comedy tells the story of gentle Elwood P. Dowd and his best friend Harvey, a six-foot white rabbit. Escapist humor that looks at the line between sanity and eccentricity.
    The play opens October 19. We hop (hope, that is) to see you there!
    Until then, keep a lookout, you never know where we might pop up!
    Green clover to all!
    Harvey & Bunny

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