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Cool Show Of The Week: In Formation At Power Park Tonight

In Formation, fresh from appearing in the latest episode of Radio Free Charleston, takes the field tonight at 6PM at Appalachian Power Park to play before the “buck night” ball game by The Power.  Curtis Chittendon, Shane Durham, Luke White, and Craig Boyd are one of the most creative young bands on the Charleston music scene, and this will be a cool chance to catch the band and a ballgame for only one measly dollar.  

You can also see In Formation August 17 and 18 opening for The No Pants Players at the Labelle Theater in South Charleston. Of course, you can also click on over to watch them on the new RFC, where you get to see me call Craig “Chris” by mistake in their introduction.  Sorry Craig–it was a very trying host segment shoot. There were bugs and UFOs and winged monkeys and the then we had to call a tow truck. 

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  1. Mexican Romeo

    Hey, I heard those guys before the game. Didn’t realize they were an RFC band. I didn’t even realize there was a new show last week. You guys need to promote the show more. And I need to figure out how to work my RSS feeds.

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