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Cool Thing Of The Week: A Jam-packed Weekend!

It’s a huge weekend for friends and fans of Radio Free Charleston!  You can see several of the performers we’ve had, or will have, on the show playing all around town. 

Tonight, The Concept, who everybody in the world wrote about last week, is playing at The Empty Glass at 10 PM.  Click here for a quick review of their RFC pedigree.

Friday and Saturday night, The No Pants Players, who were on the very first episode of RFC, as well as appearing on episode six, with future projects in the planning stages, return to The Labelle Theater in South Charleston.  You can get the details here.

Opening for The NPP on Friday will be In-Formation, an exciting young band who are slated to appear on RFC next month.

Satruday night at Capitol Roasters, Comparsa rings in Cinco De Mayo  from 7:30 to 9:30 with an evening of great Latin music and dance.  Then the band packs up and moves across town to The Empty Glass to continue the festivities. Comparsa’s head honcho, Eduardo Canelon, appeared on episode three of RFC, and we hope to have the whole band on sometime soon.

Finally, Sunday sees The Ghosts Of Now playing at The Sound Factory.  The Ghosts Of Now are the re-formulated Stone Ka-Tet, and if all goes well, we’ll be taping them for the very next episode of RFC on Saturday night.

So quit complaining that there’s nothing to do in Charleston, and go out and enjoy the coolness!

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  1. Rotunda Lover

    This confluence of local performances sounds incredibly exciting – but I can’t help but think that its stature would be enhanced if at least one of the musical groups was to perform in a rotunda of some sort. I am not a native of Charleston, and I do understand the area is culturally impoverished, with a crumbling infrastructure still heavily damaged by the Nazi attacks of WWII, but there must be at least one remaining, intact rotunda. Please use your power and standing in the community to ensure at least one rotunda performance.

    Oh, and before you mention it, I do not mean to suggest staging a performance in your capital rotunda, of which I’m unfortunately aware. I deliberately exlude that structure from my personal roster of rotundas. It is a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

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