df7a3e_891ff9045c0a446099699e0bd08baaaaa224mv2In a mere 9 days the public can pour in and experience the wonder that is JoeLanta and the Great Atlanta Toy Convention. Yesterday I mentioned the Commander’s Package. If that got you curious…too bad. This year’s Commander’s Packages are already sold out. Sorry I didn’t warn you earlier.

To explain, and also to swipe some copy from the JoeLanta website so I don’t have to type so much, here’s their description: “The Commanders Package” is a package that can be purchased in advance that includes an exclusive custom figure, outfit and box, adult size T shirt, show pin as well as activities starting on Friday 10th and activities on Saturday night 11th.”

Now, this particular package also gets you into the special package-holder-only events like EJ’s Lobby Swap (more on that tomorrow), The Radio Cult concert, the Film Festival, a field trip, access to the “State of the Hobby” panel, early admission to the dealer’s floor and for the first time this year, a special preview of the dealers the night before the show opens to the public. There are some packages that will get you into some of these events, but the big package is sold out.

If you are a true toy collector, then the item that stands out on that list is the exclusive custom figure, which is the big attraction for the Commander’s Package. This year it’s a Cave Explorer, Limited to 100 pieces, this figure will include a vintage flocked head, a cool spelunking outfit and tons of neat accessories. Below you see two GI Joes wearing the exclusive outfits and showing off their Adventure Team coolness.

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