Trillium Performance Arts Collective (photo by Lee Harrah)

We are driving into the second week of Radio Free Charleston’s ridiculously extensive coverage of FestivALL 2011. The clip you see up there is Radio Free Charleston 137, Part Five of our FestivALL 2011 coverage. Today’s show takes music recorded at the Derick Kirk Memorial Concert last Wednesday and combines it with dance recorded all over town during FestivALL.
Our music performed live at Capitol Roasters is provided by the Velvet Nomads, Comparsa, and The Voodoo Katz.

Professor Danger (photo by Lee Harrah)

Our featured dancers include the Capitol High School Dance Company, Mandy Petry, Brian Roller, Kevin Pauley, and Jeff Bukovinsky of the No Pants Players, Jenna Brooke Swanson and Raqs Shakti, Professor Danger, Kathleen Coffee, the Trillium Performance Art Company, and That Guy In Davis Park. Apologies go out to the Capitol High Dance Company for getting their name wrong in the show.  We will correct that later in the week when they return.
This whole show was a lot of fun to edit, so you might see another dance montage later in the week. In the coming days, you will see episodes of Radio Free Charleston loaded with footage from “Saint Stephen’s Dream: A Space Opera,” the after-hours cafe’, the Silent Film Competition, the 72 Hour Film Challenge, the Capitol Street Art Fair, the Hale Street Antique Fair, XMCW’s LuchaFest, plus music from Sasha Collette, WATT4, Kathleen Coffee, Miss Behavin, and stuff we can’t remember at the moment.